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This tutorial covers updating the MSDK. Use MSDK director and kit documentation for additional guidance. With technology advancing rapidly, keeping payment components current is critical. MSDK updates are made available at a regular cadence providing developers access to the latest scan code and regression tested technology.

Updates are identified by a unique numeric value with modification details described in release notes. Major and minor releases are binary updates that can include, MSDK framework, tool, and template advancements. Micro releases are non-binary format template replacements that provide developers access to the latest payment products and services. To install a binary release, review the release notes, download the new MSDK kit extract and validate kit content, replace the old MSDK with the new version, and copy over important configuration attributes, test the new kit deployment.

One for one binary updates do not require JPMC integration testing unless changes are made to the client's application. To install a micro release after download, replace the old template library and test the deployment, and replace the HTML format reference guide and if needed, build updated IDE class files. Micro releases do not require JPMC integration testing until new payment products or services are implemented. For dot war file micro release installation, open the umpire.war, replace the old template library with the new one, restart the app server and test the deployment.