Streamline your payee experience with Prepaid Card

Simple. Cost effective. Digital or physical. Give your business a choice in your overall payment program—and give your customers, clients, and employees the flexibility they want—with Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments.

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Offering a better payee experience

We can help you manage B2C payments across a variety of use cases—including consumer rebates and incentives, employee payments, and client refunds–so you can deliver a seamless payments experience.

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Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments

March 08, 2024

Explore the benefits of Prepaid Card to potentially maximize your payee experience.

| 01:57

Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments

March 08, 2024

Explore the benefits of Prepaid Card to potentially maximize your payee experience.

The needs of your business are changing. Technology is driving rapid shifts in how individuals work, shop, and expect to receive payments. Your customers, employees, and clients demand financial flexibility and security.

At J.P. Morgan, we have the tools to help you succeed and achieve. Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments helps clients address these priorities and offers the ability to extend a seamless real-time payments experience that can be used digitally or in traditional brick-and-mortar locations. Our Prepaid Card helps you manage B2C payments across a multitude of use cases, including consumer rebates and incentives, employee spending, and client refunds, all focused on helping you deliver a better payments experience to your payees.

Our solution addresses many of the modern needs of your payees, whether they are banked, unbanked, or choose not to provide banking information. We provide you with a unique digital and physical card experience that can help reinforce your brand and keep your payees engaged, save your business money by avoiding check fees, and fund cards in real time, enabling instant use. Beyond benefits to your organization, your employees and customers can benefit from options for instant digital card access alongside traditional physical card, both of which are accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are recognized, and optional cash access to many ATMs around the world, over 48,000 of which are surcharge-free.

With Prepaid Card by J.P. Morgan Payments, your consumer disbursements can be more flexible, simple, and convenient than ever before. Backed by the strength, security, and expertise of J.P. Morgan, the nation's number one card-issuing bank, our Prepaid Card can help solve real-world disbursement challenges while prioritizing the payee experience. At J.P. Morgan, we're rethinking payments.


Delivering flexibility and convenience

You can:

Help save money by avoiding check fees


Fund cards in real-time, potentially enabling instant use


Reinforce your brand by incorporating it into the card design


Offer a simple, convenient payments experience


Your payees can3:

Access funds in real-time with a digital card


Order a physical card for increased access to in-person stores and ATMs


Use their card anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted4


Access cash at ATMS around the world–over 48,000 of which are surcharge free5


Offering solutions for your payees


Digital Prepaid Card

  • Card and funds are generally available in moments
  • Retain the option to display the card in your app or our app
  • Friendly with most mobile wallets6
  • Real-time account management

Physical Prepaid Card

  • Familiarity and convenience of a traditional Visa card
  • Branded and custom card options
  • Secure EMV chip where applicable
  • Access ATMs globally



No bank account required.


Can issue digital or physical card options.


All features may not be present for all programs; features will vary depending upon program and use case need.


Cards are generally able to transact anywhere where Visa Debit cards are accepted. Certain restrictions may apply.


ATMs in the Chase and Money Pass Networks are surcharge free.


Wallet capability coming in 2024.

Certain products and solutions are exclusively offered to select business or commercial clients. Please be advised to consult with your banker to verify their availability. Additionally, it should be noted that new products are scheduled for launch and eligibility criteria may apply.