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Apriva Client Story

March 12, 2021

Apriva has a specialty in providing payments for unattended customers as well as mobile customers.

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How it works

Get your customized solution from a full spectrum of payment facilitation models that meet and support your business’ needs today and tomorrow.

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    Facilitating sign-ups to quickly accept payments

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    Quick and secure card transaction processing data transfer Pay-in

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    Payment acceptance and settlement solutions

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    Operations and support

    Back-end operations management and customer assistance

Why choose J.P. Morgan to help integrate payments into your overall business strategy?

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    Benefit from end-to-end payments insight

    You can rely on our deep knowledge and insights to help you navigate the complexity of payment facilitation — from compliance and regulatory oversight to settlement, reporting and reconciliation.

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    Take advantage of integrated processes

    The path to pay-in, pay-out and banking is one path — not three or four. By connecting the dots with one firm, you enable a seamless operation behind your platform. It feels like one provider because it is.

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    Streamline your payments process

    On the other hand, only J.P. Morgan offers its own platform and products. Payment facilitation (PayFac) services licensed through fintech operations, require the sponsorship and support of an acquiring bank.

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    Count on a trusted brand

    Payment facilitation is a big decision with major implications. When you work with a trusted brand, your merchant customers and investors will recognize the value you offer.


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