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Risk reduction is top of mind in any global transaction. Our global team of experts will help you develop an escrow transaction structure that works for you. We act as an independent party to the transaction, holding assets in escrow and disbursing them quickly and securely.

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Introducing Escrow Direct

A faster, more streamlined way to engage, track and manage escrow accounts.

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Introducing Escrow Direct

A faster, more streamlined way to engage, track and manage escrow accounts.

Today's businesses need a faster, more streamlined way to engage, track, and manage escrow accounts. Introducing Escrow Direct, the future-ready platform that can drive your escrow efficiencies and transform the way you do business.

Its new customized dashboard is designed to provide you with all your data quickly, 24/7. With it, you can see pre-closing, active, and terminated deals, check account balances across deals globally, view and edit closing dates, deal team contacts, contracting parties, and more. You can also stay informed by adding milestone events. Track escrow agreements. Ensure your data is looked after.

As always, you'll continue to have full access to your local escrow team to support you from start to finish, and you can connect with counterparties and their intermediaries and attorneys for all deals in every JP Morgan escrow account location. It's a 360 degree look at each deal in one place. Plus, you can also take advantage of our easy to use Paying Agent Portal, with real time transparency into shareholder status and a secure way for shareholders to submit required documents.

Learn more about how Escrow Direct can make business simpler for you. Contact your JP Morgan Escrow Services representative, or visit At JPMorgan, we're always seeking innovative ways to drive your success.


Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer a range of escrow services to support M&A transactions around the globe, including Holdback Escrows, Good Faith Deposits and Paying Agent Services.

Insight into the typical components of approximately 2,500 unique M&A transactions, including details on the percent of purchase price placed in escrow, strategic versus financial buyer differences, sector differences, escrow termination periods and transparency into claim types and payouts.


To mitigate transaction risk, J.P. Morgan offers Holdback accounts – enabling clients to place a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied. Holdbacks offer a way for the buyer to claw-back funds directly from the seller in the event that certain conditions are not met.

J.P. Morgan offers good faith deposits, which hold a portion of the transaction purchase price in escrow to help buyers and sellers facilitate bidding and comply with regulations. J.P. Morgan can also distribute termination fees from the escrow funds if the transaction is cancelled.

Regulations in certain jurisdictions, such as the Takeover Codes of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, require a cash confirmation statement from the financial advisor in an M&A deal that sufficient cash is available to move the transaction forward. J.P. Morgan provides the financial advisor the assurance that funds will be readily available and segregated throughout the duration of the offer.

J.P. Morgan offers buyers escrow accounts for deposit of the full transaction purchase price to centralize funding sources and hold liquid funds before closing. We also provide a variety of services to facilitate the transaction:

  • Closing agent escrows These escrows facilitate the exchange of company stock from the seller for cash payments from the buyer.
  • Paying agent services – J.P. Morgan disburses funds to the selling shareholders directly from an escrow account. We can efficiently manage all aspects of the process, from inspecting presentations and share certificates, to resolving issues and promptly paying shareholders.

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Paying Agent Portal

Introducing our online solution for faster M&A shareholder payments: Streamline how shareholders enter, validate and submit information. Track the status of submissions and payments in real time.

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Paying Agent Portal

Introducing our online solution for faster M&A shareholder payments: Streamline how shareholders enter, validate and submit information. Track the status of submissions and payments in real time.

Announcing a new merger between efficiency and experience, the JP Morgan Paying Agent Portal, an intuitive technology solution to pay M&A shareholders faster. Now shareholders submit and validate information online, securely and confidently, speeding up the process and reducing errors and administrative headaches.

Clients and attorneys also benefit from a powerful tracking tool. They can view detailed real-time status updates on all their active paying agent deals with JP Morgan, including the status of submissions and payments for each shareholder. And as always, they can count on JP Morgan's dedicated Paying Agent service team to guide them through the process. The JP Morgan Paying Agent Portal, more intuitive for shareholders, simpler for you. For more information, contact your JP Morgan Escrow Services representative.

Capital raising

We offer escrow solutions for corporate and private equity entities engaged in financing activities.


J.P. Morgan offers class action lawsuit, judgement appeal, bankruptcy and other escrow solutions for corporate clients.

J.P. Morgan can establish an escrow or “qualified settlement fund” at the conclusion of a class action lawsuit to hold the settlement amount on behalf of the defendants. We work closely with the claims administrator to initiate payments to the class members of the settlement.

During the course of an appeals process, the defendant may be asked by the courts to deposit some or all of the potential award into an escrow account. J.P. Morgan offers escrows to hold these funds, giving plaintiffs and defendants the assurance that funds will be available upon the court ruling.

Funds are held in escrow until a settlement is reached between the parties disputing ownership of funds. Such disputes may be resolved through arbitration outside the judicial system.

Defendants deposit funds into escrow at the request of the regulatory agency.

Escrow can help all parties mitigate bankruptcy-related risks and satisfy legal and/or compliance requirements. Transactions sometimes referred to as 363 Sale or Stalking Horse bids may require a portion of the purchase price to be placed into Escrow as good faith deposits while seeking court approval, or courts may require that bankruptcy-related fees (for example, attorneys, accountants, other specialists) be placed into escrow.

Commercial real estate

Whether you are a real estate developer, management company, investor or trust, escrow can mitigate complex financial risks in real estate-related transactions.


Cross-border transactions

We offer a sophisticated level of in-country support along with foreign exchange services in 120 currencies.

When you execute global transactions with our Escrow Services team, you tap into an integrated network of escrow specialists in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America who have extensive experience in cross-border escrow solutions and can help you understand local nuances affecting your escrow transactions.

To help reduce the complexity of cross-border escrow transactions, J.P. Morgan can provide standard contract templates – valid for a variety of jurisdictions and governing laws – that can be customized to specific structures.

Our team of worldwide professionals is solely dedicated to escrow and is ready to assist you with your transaction needs anywhere, anytime. We can help coordinate across time zones and jurisdictions, and help minimize cross-border transaction risk.

The Global Escrow Services Sales Team

Looking for guidance on escrow-related solutions or have identified a potential opportunity? We’re here to help.

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