Center for
Carbon Transition

J.P. Morgan’s center of excellence that provides clients the data and firmwide expertise needed to navigate the challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon future.

Carbon Compass®

JPMorgan Chase is working to align key sectors of our financing portfolio with limiting global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, above pre-industrial levels – more simply known as the global goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Learn about Carbon Compass®.
The Center for Carbon Transition (CCT), which is a key business within J.P. Morgan's Corporate Advisory & Sustainable Solutions (CASS), provides clients globally with low-carbon transition focused advice and expertise, and works with industry coverage and product teams within the Commercial & Investment Bank (CIB) on a wide variety of strategic sustainability-focused transactions. The team is also responsible for supporting our banking teams in identifying green business opportunities to meet client demands and amplifying our green economy coverage.
The combined expertise of the CCT and other banking teams helps provide tailored insights and solutions to clients who seek this advice as they adapt and grow their businesses. This includes providing strategic advice on clients’ long-term decarbonization plans and working with industry and product teams to structure unique financing solutions in public and private capital markets to help clients drive progress toward their goals.
The CCT also works to develop and implement the Firm’s strategy to align, over time, its financing portfolio with net zero emissions by 2050 and oversees the implementation of our Carbon Assessment Framework (“CAF”), which helps us monitor our progress toward our net zero aligned targets.
Rama Variankaval
Rama Variankaval
Global Head of Corporate Advisory & Sustainable Solutions, J.P. Morgan
The transition to net zero alignment will require big ideas, technology innovation and financing. The Center for Carbon Transition enables us to leverage the best of our expertise and resources across the firm to help all our clients thrive in a low-carbon future.
Douglas Petno
Douglas Petno
Co-CEO of Global Banking, Commercial & Investment Bank
Our efforts are about more than our firm becoming carbon neutral — we’re investing to have the most informed, science-driven insight, to help advise our clients on managing through the unique risks and issues related to the carbon intensity of their operations. By helping our existing clients as well as supporting more green and sustainable businesses, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


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