Commercial Cards

Multiple payment solutions to help meet the needs of your organization and employees.

Virtual cards

Protect and automate your supplier payments with a virtual payment solution.

Typical Use: Payment at time of invoice for goods and services

  • Drive savings
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Enhance controls
  • Simplify reconciliation

Purchasing cards

Streamline your organization’s payment process and set controls for everyday purchases.

Typical Use: Business-to-business purchases

  • Enhance spending control
  • Optimize your payables process
  • Build long-term value

One cards

Consolidate your organization's spend with a single card program for all expenses.

Typical Use: Business-to-business purchases and travel and entertainment expenses.

  • Increase flexibility with a single program 
  • Simplify management and reporting 
  • Build long-term value
  • Experience some of the richest rewards in the industry

Corporate cards

Empower business travelers with the card that makes it easy to track and manage expenses.

Typical Use: Travel and entertainment expenses

  • Maximize usage
  • Leverage your data
  • Build long-term value

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Purchasing Cards: P-Card & Procurement Program

Use J.P. Morgan Purchasing Cards to manage your procurement spend, streamline your B2B payments and set controls for business purchases with these P-cards.

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 Virtual cards thumbnail

Virtual Cards

J.P. Morgan Virtual Cards let you make payments instantly. Send single use (SUA) virtual cards to employees on-demand through our mobile app.

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One Cards thumbnail

One Cards

Reduce costs and streamline your payments with J.P. Morgan Corporate Cards for business travel, entertainment spending and other expenses.

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Corporate Cards

Empower business travelers with the card that makes it easy to track and manage expenses

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