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Our commercial credit card solutions can help your company organize, manage and automate payments with versatile controls and robust reporting.

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J.P. Morgan’s suite of commercial cards can be tailored to suit your company’s needs—and evolve with you through different sizes and stages. 


VISA and Mastercard Commercial card issuer in the U.S.1


locations where cards are accepted—the largest acceptance rate in the industry2


Around-the-clock customer service and fraud protection

Choosing the right card

Monetize your business spend across our commercial card programs. Explore the best options for your organization.

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Our card controls can be customized to fit the contours of your organization’s spending needs. Explore which product can help you achieve your goals.

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Your goal


“I need to simplify my card programs for all types of spend, such as T&E and procurement.”


“I need my employees to be able to travel and pay for expenses seamlessly while I have controls and spend visibility.” 


“I need to optimize vendor payments, reduce misuse and fraud, and move away from manual paper-based payments.”


“I need to digitize and automate manual B2B expenses, reduce fraud and increase working capital.”

Key benefits


Manage multiple types of spend, simplify administration, control purchasing, monetize expenses and improve cardholder experience. 


Give cardholders a hassle-free way to pay with a configurable T&E expense solution that can increase efficiency, establish controls and protect against fraud. 


Manage your B2B procurement spending more strategically while increasing rebate revenue potential, increasing security and optimizing supplier payments. 


Digitize supplier payments, increase security and extend days payable outstanding without impacting cash flow, and transform traditional areas of expense into potential revenue generators.

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Customizable card-management platform

Automate administrative functions, simplify cardholder tasks and streamline account reconciliation.

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Set controls and promote policy adherence across different divisions, locations and departments.

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Access standardized and custom reporting to gain transparency into your spend and insights into what’s important to your company.

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Support where and when you need it

Training for you and cardholders

We’ll help you take advantage of our platform to save time, reduce administrative costs and gain greater control over your spend.

24/7 program support

Call or email any time to manage card operation issues.


Excel in the growing digitized payments environment

Ashton Woods leveraged a leading commercial card solution to facilitate online transactions, support operations and growth, and reap benefits from the card’s cutting-edge rebate program.

Driving commercial card program success

When you begin a card program with us, we’ll dive deep into program design, push hard on control measures and sweat the details to help you achieve your goals. Even if you have an existing program, our industry experts can offer a fresh look at your goals and help you achieve stronger results.


Our consultative, tailored approach can help you determine the best setup for your organization’s specific needs.


Our team does the heavy lifting—so you don’t have to. We’ll dig into program configuration details, including systems integration and reporting.


Before the program goes live, benefit from training, communications templates and best practices to share across your company.


A Payments win-win for a supplier and their buyers

March 22, 2023

Construction company Ricon sought a streamlined way to move from accepting paper checks to electronic payments. Despite a lack of experience with digital payments, the company was able to implement a successful virtual card platform—and reap the benefits of faster payments and improved cash flow.

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Commercial card FAQs

When implemented and managed effectively, commercial cards can drive significant value for companies in several ways, including streamlined payment processing, enhanced tracking and reporting, cost savings and efficiency and improved oversight.

Companies can reduce costs, earn rebates and improve bottom-line results. They can integrate more payments options into their processes, cut down on manual work and protect against fraud and misuse.

The responsibility for payment is determined by the terms of each program’s agreement. Unlike personal or business credit cards, corporate cards often use corporate liability—meaning the company is responsible to pay for all the charges made to the cards, rather than the employee or business owner.

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The Nilson Report, Issue 1220, May 2022


The Nilson Report, Issue 1232, December 2022. 


0.0005% fraud rate for virtual card – Internal J.P. Morgan Data, 2021