Purchasing Cards: P-Card & Procurement Program

How can purchasing cards help your organization?

Because your business won’t look the same down the road as it does today, your banking partnership should be one that can grow with you—through mergers, market changes and shifts in strategy. Look beyond the cost of bank products and services to the qualities that will form the foundation of your partnership. “What matters most aren’t the things with dollar signs next to them, because cost is usually only a short-term value,” Doug says. “It’s the relationship.” Bravas believes you should work with someone you trust and respect, whose expertise you value and who can help you think in new ways.

For Kris Reeder, a banker at JPMorgan Chase, creating custom solutions is his favorite part of the job. “I love finding needs we can help solve, putting solutions in place and watching our clients grow over the long term,” Kris says. Pay attention to how a potential banker responds to your inquiry. Do they want to know more about your vision? Or are they more interested in selling products? If they’re attentive to your needs, it’s a good indicator they’ll be committed to your company for the long haul.

Benefits of J.P. Morgan purchasing cards

  • Enhanced Spending Control

    Purchasing cards enable your organization to track spending before and after it happens. Program-level and individual account controls let you govern employee purchases across your organization.

  • Optimized payables process

    J.P Morgan’s online program and account management tools put you in the driver’s seat with a wealth of on-demand information and the ability to fine-tune purchasing controls. Our technology can integrate with your financial systems to simplify card management, giving you a more complete picture of spending and the insights to help you make informed decisions.

  • Long-term value

    We’re focused on delivering constant value to our corporate purchasing card clients. Our team can help you analyze data, build a business case for strategic payments, implement industry best practices and assess your program’s past performance and evolving needs.

  • Contactless solutions

    Contactless P-cards allow employees to make quicker purchases while on-the-go. By adding a card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, your organization gains the flexibility to make fast, secure purchases online or in-person.

One cards

Reduce costs and streamline your payments with J.P. Morgan Corporate Cards for business travel, entertainment spending and other expenses.




Virtual cards

Payment flexibility for your business’ goods, travel, services and more.




Corporate cards

Empower business travelers with the card that makes it easy to track and manage expenses.




Purchasing card FAQs

P-cards are strictly for the procurement of goods and services to support operations. On the other hand, corporate cards are typically given to employees for spending on business travel, accommodations and entertainment. Purchasing cards may have more defined controls and limits than corporate cards.

Purchasing cards work like credit cards, in that businesses can charge purchases to the account and then pay the card issuer at a later time, often the end of the month.

Businesses and other organizations can use P-cards to help simplify approvals, streamline payments, save time and control transaction.

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