J.P. Morgan Wallet™

Real-time Virtual Sub-ledgers.

Scalable e-commerce solutions

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    Streamline and scale

    Create efficiency by integrating complex processes to deliver a unified, streamlined experience at scale.

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    Payment flexibility

    Give customers and suppliers the power of choice with on-demand payment options across multiple payment types.

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    Real-time reconciliation

    See payment flows in real time for instant reconciliation, all within your existing platforms.

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    Reward and retain

    Deepen customer loyalty with programs that incentivize them to keep their funds in your ecosystem.

Discover how real-time sub-ledgers can work for your business

Reconcile payments across multiple currencies and regions with ease. See how key industries and organizations have benefited from our automated, infinitely scalable sub-ledgering solution.  

Built for all your e-commerce needs, with your customer at the center

  • Streamlining

    Maintain hundreds of millions of virtual sub-ledgers with a single account.

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    Pay your counterparties across multiple payment types, in 170+ countries and 120+ currencies, 24/7/365.

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    Leverage single integration into multiple payment rails, treasury platforms and reporting systems.

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    Enable counterparties to use earned incentives to purchase from you, as well as transfer balances to their bank account.


What is J.P. Morgan Wallet?

Real-time virtual sub-ledgers that help manage and scale any number of customer, supplier and vendor1 payments in an organized, easy-to-reconcile way. 

How Wallet Works

Connect via APIs to help simplify domestic and cross-border receivables and disbursements. Use Wallet globally2 for management of highly-scalable virtual accounts in real-time.



Funds belong to the client until they are disbursed.


Currently available in the U.S. and select European and Asia Pacific countries. Capabilities subject to change.