Liquidity & Account Solutions

Grow your business with an account strategy that makes your liquidity work smarter with visibility, control and optimization.

Payments as a strategy

Create a payments strategy that moves liquidity intelligently and unlocks more value from your cash through advanced, real-time currency optimization and global connectivity.

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New ways to visualize global cash

Our payments solutions can help you adapt to evolving liquidity management needs.

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New ways to visualize global cash

Our payments solutions can help you adapt to evolving liquidity management needs.

The payments landscape is evolving rapidly with the expansion of real-time payments, a rise in platform-based businesses, online marketplaces, and currency digitization. The way you do business is changing and so are your customers' expectations. From the time a payment enters your ecosystem until it lands, you need a trusted advisor to turn your payments into a strategy so your liquidity can work smarter.

Every payment begins and ends with liquidity. And we're with you every step of the way, helping connect solutions and uncover new benefits so you can transition your treasury into an engine for growth. We work with you to design an approach that meets the needs of today with the flexibility of tomorrow.

No matter where you are in the payments journey, as a leader in liquidity management, our solutions are tailored for your needs, providing control through centralized insights across accounts, physical and virtual, while unlocking more value through real-time liquidity with thoughtful consideration for your working capital and your customers' third-party monies, all with global connectivity, and backed by security you can trust so you can make the most of your liquidity and empower your business to thrive. We are liquidity and account solutions at J.P. Morgan Payments. 

Visibility, control and optimization

Achieve next-level liquidity objectives with J.P. Morgan

Transform your treasury from an operational to a critical business growth engine with account structuring solutions and agile liquidity management architected with you in mind.

Get insights into your capital, across all channels

Identify and capture new sources of value, gain access to tools to help you manage risks associated with third-party monies and unlock treasury optimization across your organization.

Accounts that do more

Capitalize on market opportunities, including reconciliation, funding efficiency, and foreign-exhange management and safeguarding, while meeting financial and business goals.

Liquidity solutions architected for your needs

  • Account structuring and liquidity optimization
  • Physical cash concentration
  • Just-in-time funding
  • Notional pooling
  • Cross-currency sweeps
  • Investment sweeps

Realize the power of global presence with local expertise to achieve visibility, control and optimization of your working capital.

Ecosystems integrated for performance

Determine new sources of value throughout the payments cycle and embrace third-party platform business models with confidence.

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