Integrated Payables

Lower costs and improve working capital with an optimized payment strategy.


Integrated payables overview

Simplify your payables process with custom solutions that scale to meet your organization’s needs and goals. Our digitally driven tools help sharpen your oversight, lower resource costs, reduce reliance on paper processes and payments, and decrease payment risk.

A simplified, frictionless payments experience for you and your suppliers


Working capital

Treasury operations

Fraud prevention

Your challenge


“I need to have visibility into my company’s  cashflow.”


“I need to improve my company’s working capital.”


"I need to reduce the complexity and number of solutions and vendors I use to make payments."


"I need to reduce fraud and increase security around payments in my business."

Our solutions


We can help you evaluate what you spend, dive deeper into supplier analytics, segment your spending and employ an integrated supplier recruitment approach to your electronic payments.


We’ll help you tailor payment solutions against each supplier segment to optimize working capital.


We’ll help you eliminate expensive checks, reduce wire costs and FX fees, and improve reconciliation.


Decrease fraud and increase controls with our secure payment systems—including virtual card and ACH Early Warning Services.

Your benefits


Our simplified solutions help you gain visibility into your company’s cashflow for easier decision making. 


Leverage card and supply chain solutions that can shorten your suppliers’ DSO and extend your own DPO.


Better position your business to obtain savings from rebates and operational efficiencies.


Our solutions enable your company to gain more visibility into your payments, and reduce the potential for fraud.

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