What are the forces shaping global markets and economies in 2024? Will we see a recession, or is a soft landing on the cards? What’s the forecast for equities and commodities?

Get answers to all these questions and more with in-depth outlooks from top analysts and market strategists across J.P. Morgan. Explore the latest insights below.  

  • Global Research

    Market outlook for 2024: Slow global growth clouds forecast for equities

    December 13, 2023

    What does the challenging macro backdrop of sluggish growth and stubborn inflation mean for markets? Explore the outlook for equities, commodities, currencies, emerging markets and more.

  • Outlook

    Eye on the Market Outlook 2024: Pillow talk

    January 01, 2024

    Eye on the Market Outlook 2024 takes a look at weight loss drugs, antitrust risks to U.S. mega-cap stocks, Japan, China, the national debt and 10 surprises for the new year.

  • Windmills on a mountain


    Where is sustainability headed in 2024?

    January 29, 2024

    The Green Economy Banking team and other experts across the firm share the renewable energy, sustainable finance and climate tech trends they’ll be tracking in 2024.

  • People deciding road to take


    2024 Business Leaders Outlook: Optimism lags, but leaders poised for growth

    January 04, 2024

    Midsize business leaders are taking balanced views on the year ahead—not quite excitement, not quite dread. Amid the mixed signals, they feel good about their own industries and companies.

  • Business Leaders Outlook 2024 International IE


    2024 Business Leaders Outlook: Innovation Economy Around the World

    February 14, 2024

    Across several global innovation hubs, leaders of venture-backed, high-growth companies are hopeful about their prospects.

  • Abstract grid


    2024 Innovation Economy Outlook

    January 31, 2024

    Our report explores major trends impacting the innovation economy, including the venture fundraising, investment and exit environment.

  • Investment Banking

    Global M&A market outlook

    Explore key trends that shaped the M&A market in 2022 and find out what to expect in 2023.

  • Abstract spiral


    2024 economic outlook: 10 considerations for the US economy

    December 22, 2023

    The economy is losing some of its steam, but could land softly in 2024.

  • Gradient blue and green background

    Real Estate

    2024 commercial real estate outlook

    January 26, 2024

    Multifamily and neighborhood retail remain strong, but commercial real estate faces uncertainty around interest rates.

  • Outlook

    After the rate reset: Investing reconfigured

    December 22, 2023

    There haven’t been this many attractive investment choices to consider in more than a decade. But how do you personalize the possibilities? Explore these five considerations.

  • Business Leaders Outlook 2024 India


    2024 India Business Leaders Outlook: Confidence is strong, but recession concerns remain

    January 17, 2024

    Midsize business executives are optimistic about the economy and their companies, with plans for growth and innovation.

  • Business Leaders Outlook 2024 Australia


    2024 Australia Business Leaders Outlook: Cautiously optimistic for the year ahead

    January 17, 2024

    Although most midsize business leaders anticipate a recession, they’re confident in the global and national economy—and their companies’ performance in the year ahead.

  • Business Leaders Outlook 2024 Germany


    2024 Germany Business Leaders Outlook: Shooting for growth

    January 17, 2024

    German businesses are aiming for new ways to innovate in 2024 amid inflation pressures.

  • Business Leaders Outlook 2024 France


    2024 France Business Leaders Outlook: Economic views holding firm

    January 17, 2024

    French midsize businesses anticipate growth in 2024, despite inflation and other challenges.

  • Business Leaders Outlook 2024 U.K.


    2024 U.K. Business Leaders Outlook: Leaders take a balanced approach

    January 17, 2024

    Despite mixed economic views, leaders of midsize U.K. businesses expect growth in 2024.