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  • Across Greater Paris, we work with non-profit, government and business leaders to help uplift local communities. We recognize our role in advancing a more inclusive economy and are committed to supporting small business growth and helping to connect underserved individuals to employment opportunities.
  • As the oldest U.S. bank in France, we’ve been proud to serve French clients and communities for more than 150 years. We strive to apply our unique expertise, insights, and resources to help address some of the most pressing societal challenges. By helping underserved residents tap into the growing economic opportunities stemming from public and private investments, we can help create greater inclusive growth and opportunity in the region.
  • In 2018, marking the 150th anniversary of JPMorgan Chase in France, we announced a five-year $30 million USD philanthropic investment in the region, particularly focused in Seine-Saint-Denis. Five years later, we’re building on key learnings to expand our initial investment—announcing $70 million in new commitments to create economic opportunity across France, bringing our total commitment since 2018 to $100 million. 
  • We have found that through our support for and close collaboration with community partners, our commitment has helped people from underserved neighborhoods attain skills, work experience and employment in growing and resilient sectors; supported entrepreneurs to build financial resilience and accelerate their growth; and strengthened and scaled the local non-profit ecosystem—all of which can help create long-lasting impact.


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Investment Bank Clients


philanthropic commitment to invest in inclusive economic growth


individuals supported through career readiness and technical skills programs 

nearly 9k

micro-entrepreneurs supported to build financial resilience through digitalization support, access to capital, and advice to navigate the coronavirus crisis


Small businesses supported


Jobs created and retained as a result of support provided to small businesses and entrepreneurs


Non-profit organizations supported in their growth and digital transitions

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Serving France for Over 150 Years 

January 19, 2024

| 00:02:30

Serving France for Over 150 Years 

January 19, 2024

David : Sport dans la Ville is more than just about playing sports, it's about helping you to write your resume, building a professional network.

Sarah : I love my city. I love Seine-Saint-Denis. I want to put the spotlight on all the talent we have here.

Said: Seine-Saint-Denis is the youngest area in France. It's a great pool of talent. Today, there's a real paradox because companies say they're looking for specific skills and our young people have those skills, but the connection doesn't happen. Our role has been to promote these skills to recruiters in France, and we're delighted that this idea has taken off thanks to partners like JPMorgan Chase.

Sarah: Our mission is to mobilize the best talent in Seine-Saint-Denis to meet the needs of the major companies we work with.

Sarah: What was attractive to me about the program led by INCO was to be in touch with the realities of large companies and how to build a business model ..... With the tools  and resources I’ve received from the program, I was able to access more opportunities.

David : Sport dans la Ville, it’s discovering what we love. Thanks to their support, I’m able to see myself starting my own trade business

Anthony : All these experiences help create a true platform for young people and an environment of trust. That's how we can move forward.

David :  When we have a mentor who takes the time to listen to us, we are motivated to stay in school and build a career.

Said : Once we showed what we could achieve, other French companies also wanted to get involved. And that's the virtuous circle we started with JPMorgan Chase.

Sarah I'd like to be the role model that allows them to realize all their dreams.

David If I can do it, anyone can do it.

Said We’ve proven it works. It's now time to take it to the next level.

Sarah So go, go, go!!!!

“With our investments in Greater Paris, our goal is to become a catalyst for change and foster more collaboration between public, private and non-profit sectors.” 

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