Integrated Receivables

Automate accounts receivable, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and improve your working capital.


Integrated Receivables overview

J.P. Morgan's integrated receivables is a configurable solution that provides key capabilities at each step of the receivables process. It works in conjunction with your internal systems to automate accounts receivable, reduce DSO and improve working capital. Integrated receivables has four components: invoice distribution, collections, reconciliation and reporting.

Streamlining the accounts receivables process





Your challenge


“I need to distribute bills/invoices to customers electronically.” 


“I need to support a variety of payment options for my customers.” 


“I need to automate and optimize reconciliation across the payment types I accept.” 



“I need to improve visibility and insights into my account receivables.” 

Our solutions


View bills or invoices from a secure online portal. Pay single or multiple invoices via a variety of payment methods. Online and in-person payment acceptance.


Payment options include ACH, Wire Check, Remote Capture, Lockbox Online and in-person card acceptance.


Online and email remittance association to incoming payments. Match payments to your open invoice data.


View and manage exceptions online with a historical archive. Consolidated receivables file transmission with remittance data.

Your benefits


Integrate multiple billing processes into one. Distribute bills/invoices electronically with flexible payment options.


Offer a variety of payment options tailored to your customer’s needs. Integrated online and in person card acceptance.


Automate reconciliation from incoming payments. Improve days sales outstanding.


Flexible report options provide reconciled data in the format you need. Reduce IT resource requirements.

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