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Working Capital

With rising interest rates, supply chain disruptions and increased inventory requirements, doing business today is challenging.


The answer: our proven working capital solutions.


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J.P. Morgan's working capital solutions are tailored to help your business unlock liquidity, mitigate risk, and grow with confidence

| 1:22

J.P. Morgan's working capital solutions are tailored to help your business unlock liquidity, mitigate risk, and grow with confidence

You ever wish you could free up your capital and turn this global uncertainty into something a little more…steady? 


We hear you and we understand you that’s why with J.P. Morgan Trade & Working Capital Solutions… 


Spanish: Nuestra amplia red utiliza nuestra experiencia local
(Our vast network, uses local expertise) 


Mandarin: 創建全球解決方案
(To create global solutions) 


Arabic: ثم تصمیمھا لتناسب متطلبات عملك
(tailored to suit your specific business)


Hindi: आपके देश में
(In your specific market)


German: Von der Monetarisierung Ihrer Forderungen bis hin zum Aufbau von Lagerbeständen
(From monetizing your accounts receivables and building inventory buffers) 


Portuguese: para apoiar suas iniciativas ESG e ajudar a financiar seus fornecedores,
(to supporting your ESG initiatives and helping finance your suppliers)


Our team understands the risks you face in whatever language your business speaks so we can unlock your liquidity and help you grow your business with confidence, familiarity, and stability you’ve been looking for.


Whatever your working capital challenge, our global network stops at nothing to turn your uncertainty, into your next opportunity (phone rings) 


Sorry, I have to take this. Good morning, J.P. Morgan. Need help with your liquidity? I’m on my way. 


Supply chain finance

Take control of your working capital with our scalable supply chain finance solution that empowers clients to realize working capital gains, reduce cost of goods sold and meet cash flow objectives while providing reliable cost-effective liquidity.


Taulia, global supply chain support

Meet your working capital, cash flow and risk mitigation objectives with the Early Payment Program from J.P. Morgan and Taulia.

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KLYM, for small and medium enterprises in Latin America

KLYM, the data-driven fintech focused on providing small and medium enterprises with working capital solutions in Latin America, announced a strategic alliance with J.P. Morgan.

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Accounts Receivable Finance

Tailored accounts receivable solutions address working capital challenges for your business - and your clients.

Export & Agency Finance

Funding imported goods and services, as well as large capital investments, can be challenging and time-consuming. Discover our personalized approach to providing you with industry-leading structures, potential cost savings and more.


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