As the pandemic changed everything about daily life in the past year, merchants learned to pivot quickly. They developed and accelerated new ways to engage with consumers, who responded with enthusiasm. There are now more ways than ever to pay, a trend that will continue in 2021, as payments become increasingly seamless, embedded and contextual. 

Here's a summary of our findings:

Key trends to drive yours payment strategy

Do you have an effective digital payment strategy?

Consumers want the ability to make transactions whenever and wherever they prefer – and to do so without worrying about fraud or other security threats. However, staying on the leading edge of payments can be resource-intensive for engineering and IT teams. J P. Morgan’s flexible payment APIs and scalable cloud platforms can help businesses maintain best-in-class capabilities without dedicating excessive resources to managing the complexity behind payments.

As a global provider of innovative payment and treasury solutions, J.P. Morgan is helping the world’s most successful brands accelerate digital transformation and enhance their ability to create and grow value.

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Doug Smith

Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Merchant Services

Paul Sammer

Vice President, J.P. Morgan