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This tutorial covers basic MSDK Core API Programming. Use MSDK Director and its quick code feature for customized guidance. The MSDK Core API supports Orbital, Stratus, and Tandem online processing, where transactions are processed immediately using a request-response handshake.

It also handles Stratus batch processing, where transactions are collected in a file then submitted to Stratus for processing, and Tandem upload processing, where transactions are held by a point of sale system, then uploaded to Tandem to complete the payment cycle. Programming samples for these and other processing types are in directory MSDK_HOME/samples.

Technical specifications convey payment system-specific processing logic not included in the MSDK and are used in conjunction with MSDK coding tools to build solutions. CodeAssist can accelerate the coding process with MSDK transaction format class files for Eclipse, Visual Studio, and other compatible IDEs. And the HTML format reference guide provides quick access to MSDK transaction formatting details.

The Stratus online programming sample,, is used as a guide for this tutorial. Step one, construct a dispatcher. Step two, create a request object with processing type New Transaction and connectivity type TCPConnect, private network. Step three, add transaction-level configuration values such as security credentials provided by merchant services using request.getConfig().setField().

Step four, build the Stratus-based payment transaction by setting format record field values as needed. Step five, continue to build the transaction with optional format records, fields, and values. Step six, send the transaction to Stratus using process request. This action also creates a resp object and blocks subsequent code execution until the Stratus response is received.

Step seven, process the response message using getInField. Then handle success or processing errors. The same coding framework is used for .NET and all supported development models, payment systems, and connectivity types.