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JPM MSDK - VIDEO 1 - Introduction to MSDK

The Merchant Services Software Development Kit is a client-controlled API framework engineered specifically for e-commerce, retail, and Orbital Gateway payments processing. Key benefits of the MSDK include helping merchants begin accepting payments as quickly as possible, simplifying and speeding integration, minimizing development costs and risks, providing adaptability to emerging computing models.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the MSDK facilitates an open development approach where payment solutions are created using programming languages, computing models, and coding techniques that best fit the requirements of the project and skill set of the development team.

The MSDK Core interface is a traditional language-driven API, supporting both Java and .NET runtime environments. If RESTful programming techniques and its range of data formats are best for the project, use the extremely versatile Universal Interface. With payment systems continuously evolving, the MSDK plugin architecture ensures that the latest payment products and services are readily available for use. And for those high-volume online transaction processing applications where dedicated network connectivity is essential, the MSDK proxy server provides proven business critical communication services, including load balancing, heartbeat messaging, retries, and connection administration.

Remember, our host processing systems are part of a payment network backbone, providing all of the associated performance benefits that come with that topology. The kit includes an extensive collection of productivity tools created to accelerate development that includes CodeAssist, IDE Class Files, Simulators, Programming Samples, Format Guides and more. For the ultimate engineering experience, use MSDK Director, an interactive utility that quickly guides developers through MSDK installation, configuration, and payments development activities.