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This tutorial covers the MSDK SFTP security framework used with NetConnect batch where RSA public key authentication, PKA, and PGP file in transit encryption are used. Files at rest are automatically encrypted by the MSDK with no additional setup required.

To get started, obtain a presenter ID and username from a JPMC technical implementations professional. Use the MSDK RSA key generation script to create RSA public and private key pairs. If needed, open the script file for additional command line options.

Once RSA keys are generated, send a copy of the public key along with the MSDK host IP address to JPMC. Update the MSDK SFTP configuration file with the PID, username, and RSA private key name. The MSDK validates JPMC server IDs automatically using JPMC primary and secondary SSH fingerprints that are preset in the configuration file.

To set up file and transit encryption, download JPMC VAR and PROD public PGP keys from developer center and save them to the MSDK directory that contains the RSA keys. The MSDK uses JPMC PGP public keys to encrypt batch files it sends to JPMC.

Create MSDK PGP public and private key pairs using the PGP key generation script. Ensure PGP keys are in the same directory as the other keys. Send a copy of the MSDK PGP public key to JPMC so that MSDK batch file submissions can be decrypted.

Complete the setup process by adding MSDK PGP private key name, JPMC PGP public key name for either VAR or prod, and another important attributes to the SFTP config file. For dynamic configuration management, attributes can also be set in application code. Reference SFTP programming samples for more information.

The MSDK includes an SFTP batch simulator for sandbox development and testing. When implementing the simulator, be sure to use these attributes and keys in place of those used for JPMC prod or VAR net connect batch systems. Use MSDK director and kit documentation for additional guidance.