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JPM MSDK - VIDEO 3 - Install & Configure  Universal Interface

This is the MSDK Universal API Installation and Configuration Tutorial. It builds on the Core Interface Installation Tutorial. Use MSDK Director and kit documentation for deeper guidance.

The Universal Interface is an optional MSDK JAVA kit component that works with the core API to provide REST-like services. It runs in a Java servlet container and accepts HTTPS payment transactions formatted in JSON, XML, URL, or CSV.

Transactions flow from a payments-enabled application or device to the universal interface for core interface and payment system processing. The universal interface can be implemented using the open source Jetty server included in the kit or using the standard application server WAR file downloaded from Developer center. The umpire directory contains utilities, processing samples, and service components for the universal interface.

Quickcheck has the utilities needed to validate the Universal API installation with programming examples in various languages and data formats in the Samples directory and service containing Windows utilities and MSDK login mechanisms. The Universal interface uses log4j2 to record events to common MSDK log files. To use the built-in Jetty option, start the interface by double clicking on or typing the umpire command. Use the quickcheck utility to validate the installation. To implement the WAR file option, extract umpire.war to the application server's Web Apps directory. Restart the application server and run quickcheck.