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JPM MSDK - VIDEO 2 - Install Core API

This tutorial covers basic MSDK Core API installation and configuration. Use MSDK Director and kit documentation for deeper guidance. To start, download the MSDK from the Developer Center and save it to a local directory. To begin the install, extract the package using the jar -xvf command or a utility like WinZip, set system environment variables, then run quickcheck to validate the installation.

The MSDK contains important directories like bin that includes the MSDK proxy server, scripts to run programming samples, and generate security keys. Quickcheck-- installation validation utilities Logs-- log4j2 generates files that record processing events. The MSDK can be set up for one of three development models with each model supporting a variety of payment systems, processing types, and connectivity configurations.

Configurations are created by editing the appropriate XML file in the config directory. Files are named with associated payment system, processing type, and connectivity identifiers, and have configuration instructions embedded. Using Stratus Online HTTPS with the simulator as an example, the basic steps for implementing a simulator-based development model are configure connectivity, start the HTTPS simulator, build and send a transaction. Test in production security credentials will be provided during the boarding process.