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How to sign up for Story by J.P. Morgan

  • Receive an email invitation from your landlord and Sign Up
  • Add a payment method
  • Start paying rent digitally after verification
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Self: Build credit with your rent

  • Sign up with Self to report on-time rent payments
  • Build your credit history without adding additional debt1
  • Report your rent to all three credit bureaus
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Chase Credit Journey: Monitor and track your progress

  • Get your free credit score with Chase Credit Journey
  • Check your score any time and it won’t impact your credit
  • We update your score every week and tell you what’s changed
  • Get notified if your data is breached or exposed on the dark web2
  • No Chase account required



Lenders use different credit scoring in their underwriting. Your lender may not use a model that incorporates rental data in their decisioning.
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