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Online rent processing – made easy.

Story is ideal for property owners with 10+ units (or 5 units in a single property). Free with a Chase business operating account. Exceptions may apply.

Complete the form to see if you qualify. No associated subscription or processing fees for you or your renters.

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Flexible payment options: They pay their way

  • Renters get freedom of choice.
  • Better cash flow, more accessibility. 
  • Payment is secure and hassle-free.
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Automated invoicing: Streamline your process

  • Customizable reminders to encourage prompt payments.
  • Centralize record-keeping and improve cash flow.
  • Scale your business effortlessly.
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Autopay: Help prevent missed payments

  • Simplify your tenants’ life.
  • No need to remember due dates.
  • Help improve renters’ rental history.

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Story by J.P. Morgan 


Rent management overview

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Story by J.P. Morgan 


Rent management overview


Streamline your rent management today with Story, a rent collection tool for
multifamily property owners, brought to you by J.P. Morgan. Whether it's to customize
your cash flow or work faster, smarter, Story’s rent management tool has what
you need. Save time and the hassle with automated invoicing, rent payment
notifications, and reminders for your tenants. Multiple payment options, such
as Autopay, all backed by the security of JPMorgan Chase, offer both
convenience and flexibility to your tenants. And with the Property Management
Dashboard, get data at a glance. Essential View helps you stay organized and
keep track of all your rent invoices, tenants, units, leases, and more. There's
no better time than now to transform how you manage your day-to-day. We're here
to help you focus more on building your wealth, and less on manual tasks.



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