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Real estate banking made simple

Chase Connect® is a platform built to streamline the daily banking needs of commercial real estate owners.

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Simple account management

  • Access information in your online dashboard
  • Automate invoicing, approvals and reconciliation
  • Consolidate funds into a simplified operating account structure
  • On-the-go access through the Chase mobile app
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Digital payment options

  • Deposit checks anytime, anywhere and send and track invoices online
  • Move funds to and from external accounts with ease
  • Multiple payment options when sending and receiving money
  • Quickly wire large or important payments on the go
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Advanced fraud protection

  • Assign role-based access to employees
  • Prevent unauthorized ACH debits with an approved vendor list
  • Monitor your account in real time
  • Review check images to mitigate check fraud risk

A banking solution designed for your business.

Chase Connect® solutions Other business checking accounts
Centralized platform with one view of your properties Multiple products and logins
Flexible options to receive payments, including checks and money orders
Limited payment options for tenants
Flexible and real-time outgoing payments including same-day ACH options to pay bills1
May require additional fees or use other providers
Powerful fraud protection with ACH debit blocking and unique account roles Standard fraud protection



ACH payments and collections made through Chase Connect© only.

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