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The healthcare industry has often lagged behind other sectors when it comes to innovation. But progress is happening—and fast.

Jolted to action by the pandemic, the healthcare industry bypassed long-standing barriers to adopting new technologies. Contactless and virtual services, for example, have become ubiquitous. Recent years also brought an influx of new healthcare investments, a focus on equitable care and a shift in the labor force.  

These changes provide new possibilities and challenges. In our healthcare industry outlook, we examine five trends that could shape the sector in the near future. We identify ways the industry is aiming to narrow disparities in health outcomes, address health worker burnout and ensure the workforce recruits and retains physicians. And we explore the way investment dollars will shape the industry, and the ways the sector has already played catch-up digitally in recent years.

The future of healthcare

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, new digital tools will shape the future of care delivery methods, payments and health records. Capital flowing into the space will continue to propel innovation, consolidation and optimization. At J.P. Morgan, we have the resources and experience to help healthcare services organizations navigate the ever-shifting healthcare landscape. 

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