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J.P. Morgan offers the following resources to help in your understanding of security best-practices and other security elements.

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Internet Fraud & Identity Theft

J.P. Morgan Payments Fraud Protection

Third-party websites

OnGuard Online

Practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you secure your computer, be on guard against Internet fraud and protect your personal information.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Learn about the appropriate steps to take in order to prevent and protect against identity theft. You can also report scams as well as confirmed cases of identity theft to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

American Bankers Association—Endorsed Solutions
ABA insights, analyses and solutions to help banks save money, diversify income and improve efficiency.

The U.S. Department of Justice—Fraud Section
U.S. Department of Justice Resources including documentation on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Identity Theft.

Stay Safe Online—Protecting your Business
Cyber security is more important than ever for users of online banking, both personally and at work. Visit this site to learn more about the best practices and current news relating to online security.

Bank Safe Online—U.K.
Protect your information from potential fraudsters and learn how to bank safely online.

Get Safe Online
Gain access to advise on how to protect against fraud, identity theft and many other online problems.

International Chamber of Commerce
Learn about promoting commercial ties and eliminating fraud among countries around the world.

Technical papers

Portable Security Transaction Protocol
This paper presents PKM technology by describing an interoperable protocol, requisite data structures, and an interoperable XM: definition. The paper uses formal methods to demonstrate a security equivalence between revocation options within PKM against the security offered by the traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), technology that features the benevolent trusted party.

Interoperable Credentials Management for Wholesale Banking
The financial services industry recognizes the need for advanced security solutions for user identity and transaction processing, while ensuring minimal impact to the online user experience. Users will not accept security controls that encumber the user's daily work. The Portal Security Transaction Protocol (PSTP) is a new signature technology that adds signature semantics to one-time password technology.

General reference

AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey
Learn what your colleagues are saying and doing about payments fraud. Read the results of the 2009 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey.