Patricia Devine:

We are really excited to launch our FinTech with Foundation campaign here at Shoptalk. There's a ton of excitement and enthusiasm on the floor. We are demoing our commerce platform, our embedded banking solutions, our omnichannel solutions, as well as biometrics.

Prashant Sharma:

Biometrics is a really, really great product to be able to drive the seamless checkout journey for the consumers. You don't need to enter your phone. You don't have to tap or dip the card. You don't have to enter the email. So biometric is making that consumer journey very, very seamless.

Kate Walton:

We know that consumers expect payments to be ubiquitous. So whether I'm at home in a store on my phone, they just want payments to work. That's a really important theme for us to rally behind, but also make sure that we're able to serve our clients.

Andrew Keigher:

What we're seeing is the evolution of marketplaces, and that's from the pay ins on the merchant side, from a buyer who's demanding to be able to buy the way they want, when they want, how they want. So our clients are being challenged to have all of these different types of payment options.

Ron Karpovich:

Being able to offer our capabilities in the same way that fintechs offer theirs, allows us as J.P. Morgan to directly offer our payment services, our banking services, the reliability, the capabilities, and the breadth of service that they're expecting from a bank of our size. This is FinTech with Foundation.

Prashant Sharma:

This is FinTech with Foundation.

Andrew Keigher:

This is FinTech with Foundation.

Kate Walton:

This is FinTech with Foundation.

Patricia Devine:

This is FinTech with Foundation.


Come see us at the Merchant Advisory Group Payments 2024 Conference, and check out our Commerce Solutions in the meantime.


Key event takeaways

Day 1:

Day one focused on commerce and Embedded Finance solutions and featured three customer activations...  Gatorade and the Miami Grand Prix focused on the omnichannel consumer journey, and Macy’s highlighted an innovative embedded finance demo.

Day 2:

Speakers from some of the world’s largest businesses shared their thoughts on AI-powered commerce innovations, new research on consumer shopping and spending habits, and fresh approaches to customer loyalty.

Day 3:

We announced the launch of a new System Integrator Program that delivers end-to-end payment experiences through an ecosystem of third-party applications to help grow your business faster. The first to join: Accenture, a leading global professional services company.

Let’s talk solutions...

Embedded Finance 

Grow your ecosystem by embedding the native payments capabilities you trust directly into your marketplace or platform, so your business can thrive at every stage.

Online Payments 

Discover how our online payments solution can deliver amazing shopping experiences, backed by the scale and power of an industry leader.

Omnichannel Payments

Whether they tap, swipe, scan or dip, shoppers want the most seamless payment experience possible.1 Help ensure that they have it with our easy-to-integrate omnichannel solutions.



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