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Key takeaways

  • Omnichannel platform, now available for merchants in the U.S., streamlines checkout experience across in-store, online and mobile channels
  • In addition to proprietary in-store software and processing, a range of devices are available to unify every component of online and in-store payments
  • Biometric payments extends traditional omnichannel offerings

J.P. Morgan Payments is unveiling a full-stack omnichannel solution that delivers a modern payments experience with all technology and touchpoints across the transaction managed by the bank. This tailored, unified omnichannel platform integrates various payment channels and offers merchants a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline transactions across in-store, online and mobile channels.

The omnichannel platform, including online and in-store payments, will be showcased for the first time at the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show, the world’s premiere retail conference and expo, in New York City from Jan. 13-16, 20241.

Why this matters

Many J.P. Morgan clients have usually had to use multiple vendors – creating a patchwork of services - to ensure they were delivering an end-to-end payments experience for their customers. But with the release of this complete offering by J.P. Morgan Payments, clients can deliver a more seamless and connected experience for their customers without using a myriad of disparate technology-related solutions.

In the U.S., J.P. Morgan Payments’ full-stack solution can now provide an in-store experience that mirrors the speed and ease of e-commerce transactions.

With new in-store hardware and software J.P. Morgan Payments solutions, the end-to-end omnichannel platform connects shopper journeys online and in-person and allows fast, secure and simple checkout experiences for merchant clients.

“This is a game-changing payment offering for all sizes of businesses. Our clients have asked us to deliver a true, full stack solution, and now we can,” said Jean-Marc Thienpont, Managing Director, Omnichannel & Biometric Solutions at J.P. Morgan Payments.

"By bringing together our software and hardware capabilities, as well as our abilities as a global financial firm, we are capable of offering end-to-end solutions no other organization can provide. We continue to build a modern payments business to meet today’s evolving and challenging client needs, and this is another example of what we are bringing to the market that truly differentiates us."

In addition, a separate offering is being deployed across all Sephora stores in the U.S., using a flexible J.P. Morgan Payments software development kit (SDK), with Tap to Pay on iPhone to enable their associates to accept payments anywhere in-store.

Up next: biometrics

The next step in delivering a unique, omnichannel experience is biometrics. Biometric payments extends traditional omnichannel offerings, with the option to integrate the new payment terminal software with biometrics-based technology. Biometrics works through an enroll-capture-authenticate-pay basis. J.P. Morgan and Aramark partnered to conduct a successful proof of concept in Plano, TX, with more than 1,000 users enrolling in the test.

“We’re excited to be partnering with J.P. Morgan Payments to enhance the consumer experience,” said Peter Czimback, VP of Digital Experience at Aramark.

“At Aramark, we believe that technology should serve the consumer by making stores feel more human, enabling people to interact and transact better. With J.P. Morgan’s new online and in-person offerings, we know that we can trust the technology to support faster and more reliable payments experiences – at any scale.”

How biometric payments works

After a short customer enrollment process, the cashier or customer, at a self-service terminal, scans the items to be purchased. The consumer then scans their palm or face to complete the checkout and receives a receipt.

  • For consumers, payments are phone-free, private, secure, fast and simple. The in-person experience now mirrors the convenient style of e-commerce transactions.
  • For merchants, the removal of friction in the check-out process enhances customer sales and grows loyalty among consumers. The full stack solution enables merchants to access the breadth of J.P. Morgan Payments’ infrastructure, while also providing seamless interaction with online offerings, connecting shopper journeys no matter where they take place. Biometric payments offers a heightened level of security (1), eliminating the need for traditional authentication methods.

As J.P. Morgan Payments continues to build a modern payments business, building a complete omnichannel platform is another step forward in delivering unmatched customer experiences. For more information, visit https://www.jpmorgan.com/insights/payments/payment-trends/nrf-2024.



Future capabilities of biometrics are under development; features and timelines are subject to change at the Bank’s sole discretion.