NRF 2024

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JP Morgan, this year, really had a special appearance at NRF, the engagement with our clients and also the buzz that we have around our booth.


We are thrilled to have the opportunity to meet customers wherever they are in our buying journey, be it online payments, be it a seamless checkout experience, getting data to insights, and now looking at a full omnichannel, and really helping to delight customers as they enable an excellent buying experience.


There's a huge disruption going on in the supply chain. So there's a big focus on, How do I help my customers manage their inventory? We are helping them integrate the payments without introducing any new friction.

Omnichannel is definitely top of mind with clients, how they can bring together the in-store experience with the e-commerce experience but also international capabilities.



Last couple of years, we have been investing a lot of money to build our products. And this is the year where we are going to be enabling this solution with a lot of our clients.



JP Morgan is a bank, but also a fintech company. And that's what is unique about us, that we are working with our merchants and delivering a very unique fintech experience.


Our full-stack omnichannel solution announcement

Our full-stack omnichannel solution delivers a modern payments experience with all technology and touchpoints across the transaction managed by the bank. The omnichannel platform, including online and in-store payments, was first showcased at the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show, the world’s premiere retail conference and expo, in New York City from Jan. 13-16, 2024.

If you missed us at NRF, come see us at other events like Shoptalk and MAG. 

Explore our Commerce Solutions

Our commerce solutions offer the best of a fintech and bank, so you can create an amazing shopping experience without sacrificing peace of mind. Our solutions allow you to accept, process, and settle payments in one unified platform that offers the following benefits:

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    Grow innovation without sacrificing the peace of mind that accompanies trust & safety banking, services such as fraud protection and network tokens to keep data safe and decrease costs.

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    Develop the types of innovative solutions that fintechs offer via APIs and flexible tools at a scale made possible by a large bank.

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    Push your innovations further when your partner has experience in both fintech innovations and banking security to optimize authorization rates and increase revenue.

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    Ensure that your banking solutions grow in parallel to your innovation so that you can deepen collaboration opportunities.

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