J.P. Morgan Payments has launched a new System Integrator Program for companies that specialize in payments consulting, implementation, and operations. Clients can build a comprehensive payments strategy leveraging J.P. Morgan payments solutions and its partners to architect and execute using their expertise.

The program is part of the J.P. Morgan Payments Partner Network and is designed to help meet client business needs for end-to-end payment experiences.

Takis Georgakopoulos, Global Head of Payments at J.P. Morgan says, "This program is another critical element in how we are continuing to build a modern Payments business. Organizations are demanding more deeply integrated and embedded solutions that go beyond traditional payments-related pain points. Working with key partners will help us accelerate the new product development and adoption process.”
The first to join the program is Accenture, a leading global professional services company. Accenture and J.P. Morgan help organizations accelerate the adoption of payment solutions to provide more personalized, responsive, and secure payment experiences. Building on more than 25 years of collaboration, Accenture will work with J.P. Morgan Payments to evolve its product offerings by exploring new use cases and innovative business models. The companies will also develop new industry-specific solutions that reduce friction and time-to-market when deploying J.P. Morgan Payments products.
“This is a natural evolution of our long-standing work with J.P. Morgan Payments,” says John Ratzan, managing director at Accenture and global account lead for JPMorgan Chase.

“Our proven operating models, technology expertise and industry connections will drive value for our shared clients and help J.P. Morgan deliver superior seamless payments experiences for their customers.”

On March 19, Accenture and J.P. Morgan Payments will join forces to discuss the benefits of collaboration during a session at Shoptalk in Las Vegas entitled “Unlocking the Future of Commerce with Embedded Banking and Omnichannel Experiences." The session will explore how businesses can deliver a united cross-channel journey that can use data to identify consumer preferences and ultimately provide a seamless checkout experience with multiple next-gen payment methods.

The J.P. Morgan Payments Partner Network delivers end-to-end payment experiences through an ecosystem of third-party applications that can grow businesses faster, built by experts in industries such as energy, healthcare, transportation, consumer/retail and more. Explore how our ecosystem can help your business.