J.P. Morgan AI Research Awards

Preparing for tomorrow, by championing today’s leading AI Research.

The J.P. Morgan AI Research Awards empower the best research thinkers across AI today – helping them to achieve their goals tomorrow. Our company is a leader in applying AI and Data Analytics to make life easier for our clients and businesses. This is only possible by partnering with the brightest research minds.

The Goals of our Research Awards

We aim to advance cutting-edge AI research to solve real-world problems. To help us achieve this, we establish and support partnerships in research and innovation between university faculty and J.P. Morgan.

We look for exceptional talent: those who have the skills and imagination to potentially transform the way we live and work, and change our industry. We want to energize those who are on a journey, who seek to experiment and challenge and who are at the vanguard of shaping all our futures.

Our goal is to recognize and enable the next generation of leading AI researchers. We want to create an environment where researchers can inspire change and make a lasting impact in our communities and across our industry.

Engaging Deeply With Technology Research

With 50,000 technologists working at J.P. Morgan, we have a reputation as one of the world’s leading technology banks – and aim to make a tangible difference wherever clients interact with us. Our team's capabilities enhance the depth, sophistication and efficiency of all our clients’ experience.

A focus on creative AI solutions – and the people who devise and execute them globally – allows us to continue to provide meaningful answers to our clients’ biggest questions. 

The Awardees

What characterizes the Faculty and Fellowship awardees are the diversity of ideas and pioneering spirit of the recipients. We collaborate more and more with the smartest minds in academia and groundbreaking start-ups – we are excited to advance the possibilities to new levels. Our enduring commitment is to retain the best talent and deliver excellence for our clients. J.P. Morgan’s annual awards demonstrate our ongoing commitment to support AI Research, part of our US$10 billion-plus annual investment in technology and innovation. This commitment gives our people almost unparalleled freedom in shaping their own future – to tackle the challenges that matter to them, and solve the problems which affect us all.