Research Agenda

The goal of our AI Research program is to explore and advance cutting-edge research in the fields of AI and Machine Learning, as well as related fields like Cryptography, to develop solutions that are most impactful to the firm’s clients and businesses. The AI Research team is headquartered in New York and present in key hubs around the world.

Our Aspirational Research Goals

AI to Predict and Affect Economic Systems
Understand players in complex economic systems and develop innovative strategies to manage extreme/unseen situations.

AI to Eradicate Financial Crime
Alert before financial crime happens.

AI to Liberate Data Safely
Enable secure information sharing in the financial services industry without leaking any sensitive information.

AI to Perfect Client Experience
Infer client goals based on their observed behavior to drive a superior client experience.

AI to Empower Employees
Dramatically increase productivity, timeliness, employee experience, and operational efficiencies.

AI to Agentize Policy Compliance
Monitor all processes continuously and automatically for compliance with existing laws and regulations.

Establish Ethical and Socially Good AI
Ensure that as JPMC extends its capabilities with AI, the AI we create operates ethically and in ways that improve the lives of our clients, employees, and the communities we serve.

Our Foundational Areas

  • Data & Knowledge

    Data & Knowledge

    Data Understanding, Graphs Learning, Synthetic Data, Knowledge Representation

  • Learning from experience

    Learning from experience

    Reinforcement Learning, Learning from Data, Learning from Feedback

  • Reasoning and Planning

    Reasoning and Planning

    Domain Representation, Optimization, Reasoning under Uncertainty and Temporal Constraint

  • Safe Human AI Interaction

    Safe Human AI Interaction

    Agent Symbiosis, Ethics and Fairness, Explainability, Trusted AI

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    Multi Agent Systems

    Multi Agent Simulation, Negotiation, Game and Behavior Theory, Mechanism Design

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    Secure and Private AI

    Privacy, Cryptography, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Federated Learning

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    Machine Vision and Language

    Multi Agent Simulation, Negotiation, Game and Behavior Theory, Mechanism Design