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J.P. Morgan Leads Largest Esports Change of Control Transaction

Firm acts as sole advisor on a game-changing industry change-up.

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At the forefront of competitive gaming, the esports industry is expected to experience significant growth, fueling widespread adoption among a global community of loyal fans, who believe the sector is poised to become bigger than traditional sports in the future.

During a transformational time for the esports industry, J.P. Morgan was enlisted to advise on the transaction between Immortals Gaming Club and Infinite Esports & Entertainment.

Group 6 Copy 2 Created with Sketch. The esports ecosystem is developing in real-time. When you look at the demographics and the fan engagement, there is a really bright future here. Benjamin Wilson Executive Director of M&A, J.P. Morgan
Group 6 Copy 3 Created with Sketch. We’re aggregating more brands under one umbrella to provide the best content, the best resources and the best experience to our fans. Ari Segal CEO, Immortals Gaming Club

The acquisition, the largest change of control transaction in the history of esports, paves the way for J.P. Morgan to become a leader for additional transactions within this dynamic sector.

This form of competitive gaming is well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar mainstream sector that will play an important role in shaping the future of entertainment. The unique experience draws millions of enthusiasts annually, blending video and interactive content with narration from the athletes.

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Tal Shachar

Chief Digital Officer, Immortals Gaming Club
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Tomi Kovanen

SVP Finance & Business Development, Immortals Gaming Club


I truly believe that interactive media and gaming is the future of entertainment more broadly, and esports as the forefront of interactivity in gaming. That’s what a blend between video content, and narrative content, and interactive content, I think, is the sphere that is going to help popularize interactive, non-passive entertainment. I believe this industry will be as big, if not bigger, than the traditional sports industry. What strikes you immediately is just how passionate and enthusiastic everyone involved in the industry is. And that has led to just this really unique and vibrant community that’s just unlike any other.



Immortals Gaming Club was originally founded by Noah Whinston and his idea behind it was really that at the time, esports was really just getting started up and he thought that people were not doing things the “right way.” Things were not nearly professional enough, people were not taking care of the players. So the idea was to really come into the industry and set the bar higher for how everybody gets treated around. I started playing myself in a previous life, something like 15 years ago. We’d compete in big tournaments, but there was no real support system, there were no nice facilities to practice in, you didn’t have coaches. Now, we’ve got a bunch of big organizations, got some of the world’s largest investors coming into the space. There’s no doubt in my mind that esports is gonna be bigger than traditional sports one day. The only question is how long it’s gonna take.


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