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Corporate Finance Advisory

Corporate Finance Advisory (“CFA”) is a global, multi-disciplinary solutions team specializing in structured M&A and capital markets that is focused on differentiating J.P. Morgan’s Investment Banking services. CFA works with firms in all industries and partners across the bank to advise on solutions to problems with multifaceted, complex and unique features

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Structuring & Solutions

Structure products and alternative financing solutions relating to strategic M&A and capital markets. CFA encompasses significant tax, accounting and structuring expertise relating to strategic M&A and remains at the forefront of this evolving landscape

M&A Capital Markets Intelligence

Interpret trading patterns to assess market reactions to M&A and help design solutions to optimize outcomes

Ratings Advisory

Strategic and tactical advice on management of rating agency relationships and optimization of capital structures for desired credit rating objectives

Corporate Finance Solutions

Provide analysis and recommendations pertaining to capital structure, capital allocation and shareholder distribution policy, including broader market insights

Enhanced Insight Generation

Leverage new technologies and partner with J.P.   Morgan’s Digital Investment Banking team to improve both data analytics and visualization across all product and coverage groups

Content Architects

Distribute a variety of periodic and relevant content, including the latest Trending Topics, a source of thought-leadership for management teams

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