Italian Ri.Ba

What’s Happening?

As part of our multi-year initiative, we are migrating Italian Ri.Ba processing to our Global Payments Strategy (GPS) platform.


Migration will occur over time, and account holders will receive a notification in advance.

You Should Know

While there’s no change to the core processing or transaction initiation, you may need to prepare for the following changes to statements, reporting and processing for your Italian Ri.Ba.

  • J.P. Morgan Transaction Reference Number: Changing from 8 or 10, to 12 characters on your balance and transaction reports and your statements (Bank References).
  • Stale Dated Transactions: Transactions dated more than 30 business days in the past will be rejected. Previously this was only more than 5 business days.
  • Future Dated Transactions:  Future dated transactions will be supported with a date up to 365 calendar days. Previously this was only up to 180 calendar days.
  • Value Date: Ri.Ba collections Value date now standardized to Expiry Date + 1 (Expiry Date is also known as Requested Collection Date).


Please contact your service representative.