Introduction to Our Global Payments Strategy (GPS)

When the full capabilities and enhancements of GPS are implemented, clients will have greater visibility, flexibility and control over payments across global accounts.

What’s Happening?

The strategic platform will include processing of ACH (Automated Clearing House) clearings in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and North America (Canada and Mexico):

  • Multi-Currency ACH product supporting payments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
  • Bacs (UK ACH)
  • UK Faster Payments
  • SEPA (Single European Payments Area - EEA)

The platform will also process South Africa wires and Bankserv (South Africa ACH). Mexico and Canada ACH will move to a new North America ACH platform.

This will bring new capabilities to some markets such as:

  • Consistent structure of J.P. Morgan Bank Transaction Reference Number (all payment transactions)
  • Enhanced transaction validation and return matching
  • Harmonized and enriched return and reject reporting
  • Extended product capabilities

Payment processing will be migrated to the GPS platform in phases, over time. We will provide advance notice of any changes you need to be aware of.

You Should Know
The new processing platform will be mostly transparent to clients. There may be changes that will be visible, and these details will be communicated as migration dates are defined.

For details on how these changes may impact you, please review the relevant clearing product page.


Please contact your service representative.