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As part of our modernization efforts to improve resiliency across our payments products and services, we have built a new strategic data center for our Application Programming Interface (API) client transmissions.

The enhancements will require the move of API traffic to the new data center, which will begin by Q2 2024. If you exchange messages through any of our Open Banking APIs, you will be impacted by this move and need to begin testing as soon as possible.


All API transmissions will require IP address changes across your firewalls and public certificates as these will need updating based on internal system configurations and capabilities.

Given the nature and extent of these changes, you should plan for an extensive amount of testing ahead of the transition. Get started by reviewing the links below:

Please note:
Current connectivity projects are not expected to be impacted except for establishing connectivity to the new data center. Wherever possible, we will attempt to include provisions for the change in your current solution design to help ensure you are prepared for this transition.

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