ASTRID MANROTH: To achieve the sustainable development goals and the Paris climate objectives in emerging markets we need a lot of capital, which is in principle available from the private sector but at the moment, it's hard to deploy that capital because we do not have enough projects that are bankable and ready for private investors to come in. 

The Global Infrastructure Facility is the only global multilateral sustainable infrastructure project preparation platform. And it advises governments in the preparation and the structuring and bringing to market of clean, low carbon resilient, inclusive infrastructure projects.

Public-private partnerships are now more important than ever. The public sector alone will not be able to make it. The private sector has sufficient funding but needs a little bit of help of structuring these solutions so it can get comfortable with the risks in emerging markets. 

PADY PADMANATHAN: The international financial community, the multilateral investment development agencies, I think they've got a very pivotal role to play. To play it, they're going to have to change their mandate and look broader. And the piece that they can really help with is they're ever ready to come into a project once again, the same story, it's been proven to be bankable. 
A bank like JP Morgan can help the multilaterals navigate the ecosystem. Educate them, inform them, and navigate the ecosystem to bring out the best of the multitude of mechanisms that can be used to effectively implement and finance projects in an efficient way 

FUAT SAVAS: J.P. Morgan is in a unique position as a financier of infrastructure with a very global remit. And I think we have three roles to play. One is take best practices and ideas and use them to help solve our clients' problems.  
We have an amazing repository of knowledge around infrastructure finance, around the trends in infrastructure and energy.  

Second point is we need to identify bottlenecks and be part of the solution. We've recognized that project development is a major bottleneck. J.P. Morgan, for several years, has been a very active participant in the Advisory Council of the Global Infrastructure Facility.  

Thirdly, J.P. Morgan can help by making good plans and communicating them. We have a development finance goal, we have a green finance goal that are aligned with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and we have a carbon transition pathway for our own Paris aligned journey. We have a broad and very seamless ecosystem that engages on issues around sustainable infrastructure, around the energy transition, and helps our clients on their journeys.