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Key takeaways

  • With payments, treasurers can create operational efficiencies through streamlining their workflow processes, hasten their time to complete payments and effectively collaborate with their partners.
  • Global business success often hinges on the ability to scale operations efficiently and effectively with their payment processing needs.
  • Trust and safety are non-negotiable in the world of global business because customers and partners need to have confidence in your payment processes.

Businesses face a myriad of challenges and opportunities in the global economy. Whether a company is a multinational corporation, e-commerce startup or freelance professional, payments play a pivotal role in breaking down barriers between borders. A topnotch payments strategy can even help a business that feels like it’s lagging behind competitors by expanding into new regions. Read on to learn how operational efficiency, scale, and trust and safety are all crucial to an effective global payments strategy, the benefits of each and how our cross-currency solutions are differentiated in all these spaces.

Operational efficiency

Summary: Operational efficiency is the heartbeat of any successful global business. With payments, treasurers can create efficiencies through streamlining their workflow processes, hasten their time to complete payments and effectively collaborate with their partners. 

Differentiator: Out of the nearly $10 trillion in payments we process every day, 98% of this value processes in the same day and 78% in real time.1 , 2

Optimized workflows

Treasurers can optimize their workflows by initiating all cross-border payment needs from a single platform. Payments-related tools can introduce new types of flexibility to support and streamline complex account structures. For instance, virtual account management allows a treasurer to consolidate all or group sets of their accounts into a single one that allows them to see all obligations and inflight transactions while retaining the benefits of multiple accounts (i.e., balances, transaction reconciliation and reporting).

This integration also introduces significant opportunities to automate invoices, recurring payments and reconciliations. These opportunities save time, enhance accuracy and reduce the risk of disputes and chargebacks, among other benefits:

  1. Consolidating providers, which can also save time, energy and money.
  2. Increased accuracy, as some comprehensive providers process payments with 99.99% accuracy3.
  3. Additional efficiencies achievable with a single account structure such as notional pooling.


In the digital age, speed and convenience are paramount to treasurers. Payments systems that facilitate quick and hassle-free transactions enable treasurers and businesses to streamline their operations. For instance, the adoption of instant payment methods allows companies to pay suppliers promptly, reducing the need for extensive financial buffers and the associated costs of capital.

But faster international payments also benefit businesses in the following ways:

  1. Increased visibility, as businesses who can receive them have more clarity on when they can put funds to work.
  2. Supply-chain efficiencies as businesses who are in critical need of inventory can more quickly pay suppliers who require confirmed receipt of payment to release inventory.
  3. Cost savings as many real-time payments come with low transaction costs. 


At first glance, collaboration may appear to be a surprising opportunity, yet a provider that can serve as a strategic collaborator presents ample opportunities to unlock operational efficiencies. If a partner can offer enough flexibility, businesses can adapt solutions to work in conjunction with their preexisting systems, which opens the door to long-term innovation and integration opportunities while helping reduce tech debt. Further, a good partner can bring in others who can finds opportunities to improve operational efficiencies such as through netting. 


Summary: Global business success often hinges on the ability to scale operations efficiently and effectively with their payment processing needs. A larger provider offers benefits related to more reach and services to ensure that businesses can keep up with demand without compromising customer satisfaction. 

Differentiator: We conduct FX transactions in 200+ countries and territories and 120+ currencies.4

More reach

Businesses looking to expand into new geographies need access to localized payment methods and the ability to accept payments in different currencies. With scale, a provider is likelier to support more places in which a company may want to conduct business. For example, our global reach allows us to serve 200+ countries and territories in 120+ currencies, which is more countries and territories than many leading fintech competitors.4 And we’re able to provide this service to various businesses ranging from retails, multinational corporations, fintechs and media. 

And depth of expertise is critical to compound the benefits of reach. For instance, a provider with the right depth of expertise can help businesses navigate unique rules and regulations within each jurisdiction. Our 150+ year presence in Europe helps to support our ability to serve businesses in EMEA, in which we were recognized as the top web transaction acquirer for a seventh year. We also have a 100+ year presence in other regions like Latin America, Asia and the middle east.5 This depth can support businesses in various ways such as having a partner with the expertise to help navigate unique rules and regulations within each jurisdiction. 

More services

A provider with scale has certain characteristics that can offer clients more services in the following areas: 

  1. More liquidity to support payments that are either larger in size or volume.
  2. More payment methods to accommodate a business’s needs, such as batch or non-batch transactions.
  3. More tools that allow businesses more flexibility to integrate with their systems such as SWIFT, host-to-host and APIs.

Further, scale allows a provider to continuously invest in exploring additional solutions that can add value for clients. For instance, our $12 billion annual tech investment allows us to explore payments innovations such as Data Analytics, AI, blockchain and digital assets.

Trust and safety

Overall Takeaway: Trust and safety are non-negotiable in the world of global business because customers and partners need to have confidence in your payment processes. Sending money across borders can amplify concerns that already exist. For instance, a business can add more risk when they send money to places in which they’re less familiar. A company can mitigate its risks with topnotch trust & safety protocols.

Differentiator: We’re the World’s #1 Best Bank with global security, resiliency, and stability from Global Finance.6

Reduce fraud-related risk

Providers that can customize fraud solutions around an organization’s unique needs — such as through Rule Authoring — can help to mitigate a business’s risk. For cross-border payments, this includes enabling solutions that can potentially minimize chargebacks and fraud-related losses.

One opportunity is through data security, which is paramount amid the rise of cyber threats. Payment providers can employ robust security measurers via payment gateways to encrypt and tokenize sensitive customer information. 

Help to reduce other risk

In addition, providers can help to reduce other types of risk:

  1. Currency risk via an in-house team that can advise on effective hedging strategies.
  2. Geopolitical risk that may cause a business to re-evaluate their exposure to a specific region.
  3. Innovation risk related to falling behind continuous trends and investments in the global economy.

Given opportunities in operational efficiency, scale and trust and safety, it’s crucial to choose the right partner to support your needs in these areas (and more). Our scalable and secure cross-currency solutions7 can help your business to grow, diversify and thrive as it uses payments as a strategic lever for growth in the global economy. 

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