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J.P. Morgan is No.1 European web transaction acquirer for seventh consecutive year

The Nilson Report names J.P. Morgan Payments Europe’s largest acquirer of card-not-present transactions

J.P. Morgan Payments has secured the top spot in The Nilson Report’s European ranking of merchant acquirers in Europe by web-based transactions for the seventh year running1.

J.P. Morgan processed almost 5.5 billion online transactions on behalf of clients in 2021, with a market share of 18.4% 2. This announcement follows Nilson’s confirmation that J.P. Morgan Payments has earned the top spot in the U.S. among payment providers in March 2022 for both annual transactions and dollar volume.

“We’re committed to helping Europe’s e-commerce players continue to redefine what is possible – new customer experiences, new business models, new ways to unlock value. These latest results demonstrate their continued trust in our ability to meet their evolving needs”

“The European payments landscape is a community bound by diversity: from day-to-day we work across dozens of industries, multiple payments rails, in a region where customer behaviour and preferred payment method can be radically different an hour’s travel away.

“The common thread is the need for seamless and secure payment solutions and we’re proud to provide that for so many clients,” said Sara Castelhano, EMEA Head of Commerce and Solutions, Payments, J.P. Morgan.

About the Nilson report

Now in its 51st year of publication, The Nilson Report is a respected source of payments industry news and market insight. Nilson analyzes and reports on the performance of hundreds of credit, debit and prepaid card issuers, transaction acquirers and technology vendors with a truly independent perspective.

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1.The Nilson Report, May 2022
2.The Nilson Report, May 2022