Narrator: Chase Connect allows you to manage your accounts

and control cashflow

anywhere at any time.

You can also select a payment method that meets your needs

with innovative solutions,

such as Cashflow 360.

Cashflow 360 helps you connect with suppliers and customers

to digitize the entire invoicing, payment,

approval and

reconciliation process.

With Chase Connect,

you'll be able to manage

multiple accounts -

checking, savings,

loans and commercial cards,

all from one dashboard.

So, how is Chase Connect

making your online banking experience easier?

You can open a new

checking account online

without leaving your office.

You also have the option

to open a new account

by easily duplicating the set-up of an existing account.

With just a few clicks,

you can even sign documents

electronically, saving you time

and giving access to

your new account quickly.

Chase Connect also

makes it easy to access

important information

about your account.

You can send and

receive documents

securely on Chase Connect.

And we'll send you an alert

when a new account document

requiring your attention

becomes available.

Going forward,

Chase Connect will house

all the documents you send or receive within the system.

You'll see all the documents that require action

or are pending an action.

View or download the documents

and upload new documents

to send to us.

Not only will you have access to all of your files in one place,

but you'll also be able to connect your financial data

to popular accounting programs,

all from the Chase

Connect platform.

You can login and download

data from Chase Connect

to certain accounting

software programs.

And when it comes to importing and saving new data,

Chase Connect saves you time,

so you can focus on other,

more important tasks.

Time saved.

Banking simplified.

How does that sound?

To learn more about

how Chase Connect

can make your banking easier,


  • Make and receive payments faster

    Connect digitally with suppliers and clients to automate invoicing, approvals and reconciliation with Chase Cashflow360SM.

  • Easy foreign transactions

    With nearly 70 currency options available, you can easily send payments to international vendors virtually anywhere your business takes you.

  • Mobile banking for business

    See account balances and history, schedule payments to existing payees and deposit checks. You can manage your accounts on the go with your mobile device.

Watch the video to learn more about all the capabilities offered by Chase Connect.