Side note: Motivational music plays.

On screen: This video opens in a gym with neon red lighting.

Text on screen: Text appears: 'J.P. Morgan presents Future Builders.'

Trainer: 3, 2, 1.

Text on screen: A title: 'Barry's.'

Trainer: Go!

On screen: Women lift weights, and dozens of people participate in a group class. Instructors cheer them on as they run on treadmills and do floor exercises. A man smiles as he sweats and an instructor in a headset claps her hands.

Joey Gonzalez (VO): Barry's is the best workout in the world. There's this energy you can feel.

On screen: A woman wipes sweat from her forehead and sighs.

Woman (VO): C'mon, y'all.

On screen: Images show men and women with resistance bands and weights. A man in a suit interviews in an empty gym. 

Text on screen: Text appears: 'Joey Gonzalez, CEO, Barry's.'

Joey Gonzalez: It's a highly immersive experience where you work hard, but you also have fun.

On screen: An instructor dances, and participants grin and clap. An instructor gives a class member a high five.

Woman (VO): Nicely done my friend!

Song: My life, it's my life

On screen: Text appears over a sunny commercial neighborhood: Text on screen: 'West Hollywood, 1998.' 

Joey Gonzalez (VO): Barry's started back in the late 90s.

On screen: Joey does side crunches on a small platform.

Joey Gonzalez (VO): I started first as a client doing Barry's twice a day for six months before becoming a trainer.

On screen: He lifts weights. Old photos show him shirtless with muscular abs, posing in a trainer photo, and smiling while flexing his bicep. A later photo shows him smiling in a dress shirt.

Song: My life, it's my life

Joey Gonzalez: Barry's truly transformed my life. And our vision statement is actually to transform lives worldwide. And so once I started to work at Barry's, I knew immediately that I wanted to scale that concept across the world.

On screen: He high fives participants as they jog into class, then poses with his headset on. 

Joey Gonzalez (VO): I still teach at least one class a week. 

On screen: He teaches a large class under neon red lights.

Joey Gonzalez (NAT): Drop those weights! Push, push, push!

Joey Gonzalez (VO): Because it is so important for me to stay connected both to our clients and our employees.

On screen: He smiles as he crosses a city street. A montage shows a sign labeled 'Red Room' and letters spelling Run, Lift, Fuel Bar, Shop. A clean-cut man smiles into the camera.

Joey Gonzalez: JJ is our serving president. He is the yin to my yang.

On screen: Men and women run and do curls. JJ interviews with the glowing arrow-shaped Barry's logo behind him. 

Text on screen: Text appears: 'Jonathan JJ Gantt, President and CFO, Barry's.'

Jonathan JJ Gantt: Our growth strategy is to continue to build studios and develop global communities of passionate fitness individuals.

On screen: A muscular man smiles in a sleek locker room. 

Joey Gonzalez: Today Barry's has 84 global studios and we're in 14 different countries around the world.

On screen: A Barry's sign marks a sleek downtown building. Joey and JJ greet a man in glasses and a blazer at the doors.

John Simmons (VO): The relationship between J.P. Morgan and Barry's started back in 2017.

On screen: Text appears as he interviews: Text on screen: 'John Simmons, Head of Middle Market Banking and Specialized Industries, Commercial Banking, J.P. Morgan.'

John Simmons: We were helping them with their treasury services, payments, optimizing working capital and from there, the relationship grew.

On screen: John Simmons sits with Joey and JJ at a small table near the retail area.

Joey Gonzalez: J.P. Morgan has been the greatest partners. 

Jonathan JJ Gantt: They provide services in the form of treasury management and cash management and they've also supported the business through providing customer demographic insights, especially in markets where we maybe don't have expertise.

On screen: Participants lift weights and jog.

John Simmons: We have a nationwide presence for our commercial banking business, but we also have the ability to help these companies grow and scale overseas.

On screen: A few gym members hug and shake hands in a locker room. 

Joey Gonzalez: Yeah, March 2020. It was the hardest time in my career for sure.

On screen: Empty treadmills line the gym.

Jonathan JJ Gantt: When the global pandemic closed all of our studios, we needed to pivot quickly.

Joey Gonzalez: I thought about, you know, how do we continue to transform lives worldwide now, when people need it more than ever?

On screen: Images of fitness enthusiasts show half their bodies in a Barry's gym and the other half outside.

Joey Gonzalez: And so that's what gave birth to Barry's Outdoors and our digital content.

On screen: Participants wearing face coverings exercise in a marked outdoor gym, and a logo reads: Barry's X. Instructors film alone in open red rooms.

Female Trainer: Hey, Barry's! 

Participant: Whoo!

John Simmons: Through transparency, through trust, through alignment, we worked with Barry's to get to the other side and I'm super proud that J.P. Morgan was able to play a part in that journey.

On screen: Online instructors demonstrate exercises and encourage each other.

Joey Gonzalez: J.P. Morgan believed that we could do it. And having that faith was very meaningful.

On screen: An aerial view of a parade shows a giant rainbow flag, and Barry's instructors pose for a group photo.

Joey Gonzalez (VO): Barry's has been founded and led by LGBTQ community members, so it's a true part of our ethos, of who we are.

On screen: One by one, Barry's leaders stare ahead with confidence and smiles.

Joey Gonzalez (VO): No matter where you are, no matter what city, what state, what country, Barry's is a safe haven for people of all kinds.

On screen: Joey leads a class.

Joey Gonzalez (VO): The thing I'm most excited about now moving forward is continued expansion, continued success with our digital product, and to continue transforming lives worldwide.

On screen: Instructors high five participants, and Joey smiles wide as he catches his breath.

On screen: The video closes with a logo: Logo: J.P.Morgan. 

Text on screen: J.P. 

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Barry’s offers an experience unlike any other. Signature red lights, humming treadmills and a playlist rivaling the trendiest nightclubs set the stage for a 50-minute, heart-pumping workout. The only thing more energizing than the high-pace workout is the community of people motivating each other.

For the last 25 years, Barry’s has been transforming lives around the world through its innovative approach to health and well-being. And Barry’s has transformed, too, expanding to new markets and building more resilient operations. 

A quarter century of inspiration

In the late ’90s, Barry Jay was leading a group class at a popular fitness chain. Bored with the standard studio routine, he decided to try something different.

“He sent half the class to grab heavy weights and bring them in. The other half he put on treadmills outside the studio room,” said Barry’s Global CEO Joey Gonzalez.

Jay blasted music and called out directions to the West Hollywood gymgoers. They loved it. His managers, less so. Jay was soon fired from that job, but he gained such a following that two of his regulars invested in launching his company—then called Barry’s Bootcamp—in 1998.

The high-intensity interval training concept at the heart of Barry’s has evolved over the years. The military motifs and bootcamp branding are no longer used. And Barry’s has expanded beyond treadmill-centered workouts, offering additional modalities that feature strength training only and indoor cycling paired with strength training. No matter the evolution, the Barry’s experience remains a high-energy, welcoming atmosphere that continues to turn new customers into loyal regulars.

A studio for everyone

Like many members of the Barry’s family, Gonzalez embodies the mission of working hard, having fun and being your best. A former professional actor, he started exercising at Barry’s in his mid-20s. Gonzalez loved the workout so much that he soon became a trainer, tapping into his performance background to engage and inspire others. 

He soon realized the experience would resonate far beyond West Hollywood. “I knew, once I started as an instructor, that I wanted to dedicate my life to scaling that experience across the world, bringing that exact feeling to as many people as possible,” he said.

From the C-suite to the studio floor, the organization is one where anyone—regardless of who they are or where they’re from—can feel welcome and seen. It’s been that way since Day One. Barry’s was founded by a gay man and has been led by LGBTQ+ community members ever since.

Today, Barry’s operates more than 80 locations in over a dozen countries. And even though he’s now CEO of the company, Gonzalez still teaches at least one class a week. It helps him stay close to the business, connect with teammates and build relationships with Barry’s clients. “It’s truthfully my favorite part of the job,” he said.

Intensity meets intentionality

John Simmons, Head of Middle Market Banking and Specialized Industries at JPMorgan Chase, was introduced to Barry’s when his wife “dragged” him to a class. Despite feeling apprehensive and a bit intimidated at first, Simmons quickly embraced the energy of the classes—and he’s attended nearly 400 since.

“You don’t have time to be bored, to check your phone,” he said. “For that hour, you’re with like-minded people just trying to do your absolute best.”

Simmons believes Barry’s is effective because the company understands its clients’ goals and motivations, and it helps those clients overcome barriers. JPMorgan Chase takes a similar approach with its clients, he said. 

“We’re thinking about what they need today, but more importantly, what they need going forward,” Simmons said. 

As Barry’s continued to open more studios and expand into other countries, it needed help with treasury management, cash management and working capital. The company’s private equity investors connected Jonathan “JJ” Gantt, its president and chief financial officer, with JPMorgan Chase. Like Gonzalez, Gantt was an avid Barry’s fan before joining the brand’s executive team.

“JPMorgan Chase is first and foremost our lender, but the relationship is much deeper,” Gantt said. “The team provided us with the necessary liquidity and support to continue our global growth strategy.”

In addition to financial support, JPMorgan Chase helped Barry’s access valuable customer insights in potential new markets. According to Gantt, that expertise has helped Barry’s make better decisions as it expands.

A crisis, a creative pivot and a collaboration

Growing a company is hard work. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to close their doors, Barry’s faced a huge challenge.

“When our global Red Rooms went dark, we did not have a digital product,” Gantt said. “JPMorgan Chase worked collaboratively with us to ensure we had the balance-sheet support to launch a digital product in just two weeks.”

Eager to serve its clients when they needed it most, Barry’s streamed classes live on Instagram. That first virtual session attracted more than 20,000 participants and ultimately evolved into Barry’s X, a digital fitness product that complements the in-person experience.

But Barry’s never lost sight of what made it so successful in the first place: the power of its in-person community. “Our core competency has always been about bringing people together live,” Gonzalez said. “I think the most significant accomplishment Barry’s has had is not only surviving the pandemic but thriving.”

In every class, Barry’s preaches continuous growth at a personal level, so it’s fitting that its leaders turned a harrowing moment into an opportunity that strengthened the company.

“Through transparency, trust and alignment, we worked with Barry’s to get to the other side,” Simmons said. “We don’t know exactly what’s next, but we look forward to supporting them through the next phase of this journey.”

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