Receivables Edge: Enhanced Service Options

Get more out of your Receivables Edge with a range of optional advanced services available to you. Easy to implement and use, these services are designed to save you time, increase your efficiency and help you improve internal communications and customer service. Click the links below for more information about each option.

  • Consolidated Receivables: Streamline reconciliation and customer service processes by consolidating electronic and paper payment data. Receive a complete picture of your payments stream.
  • Return Items: Reduce credit exposure with timely returned check activity. The original lockbox transaction is presented with a final return indicator.
  • Additional Reports: Gain greater insight into the composition of your receivables payments through customizable and downloadable reports tailored to your needs.
  • Alerts: Receive an email alert that we processed your important payment. You may receive a notification showing the remitter name or other transaction conditions.
  • Image Retention Solutions:
    • Extended High-Speed Storage: View current activity and images up to twelve months. To facilitate streamlined research, this option saves time and eliminates inconvenience.
    • Long-Term Archive: Access historical activity from our 10-year archive of check, document and envelope images indexed by transaction. Convenient and easy to use, making paper a thing of the past.

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