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This season, J.P. Morgan Payments is partnering with Acquired to showcase how payments is powering growth across industries and some of the world's most iconic and successful businesses. From healthcare, to retail, to technology, to luxury fashion, discover how end-to-end payment solutions are driving innovation.




Integrating solutions such as money movement, real-time payments and account services into your marketplace or platform can help you deepen customer relationships and uncover new growth opportunities for your business. Learn more about how J.P. Morgan Payments partnered with Macy’s to create a more seamless e-commerce experience using our embedded banking solutions.

Scientist Using a Microscope

Episode One: Novo Nordisk


With a broad array of products, including our Healthcare Solutions and InstaMed offering, J.P. Morgan Payments provides patented, private cloud-based technology to securely transform healthcare payments. Learn more about how patients participating in clinical trials can now be reimbursed instantly in their local currency through the J.P. Morgan Global Payment Network, and see how our payments solutions support corporations across the global healthcare ecosystem.


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Learn how J.P. Morgan Payments is driving growth and innovation for businesses across industries. New Acquired episodes are released towards the end of every month and feature the latest J.P. Morgan Payments solutions and insights.



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What is Acquired?

A podcast that tells the stories and strategies of great companies

| 00:01:08

What is Acquired?

A podcast that tells the stories and strategies of great companies

Hello. I'm Ben Gilbert.

I'm David Rosenthal.

And we are the hosts of Acquired. David and I are obsessed with the history, strategy, and stories behind what made the great technology companies what they are today.

And when we say obsessed, we mean, like, really obsessed. For every episode we do, each of us does a hundred-plus hours of research. We read everything ever written about the company, we watch every video on YouTube, and then we come together and we tell the whole story of companies like Nvidia, Sony, TSMC, Amazon-- the technology companies that have shaped our world today. We're the place where you are going to find the absolute deepest, longest, and best technology stories on the internet.

We also occasionally go beyond technology with episodes like Berkshire Hathaway, the NFL, or even Taylor Swift. If you want the full Acquired experience with every episode, you can head on over to listen to the audio in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any podcast player that you use. And we're glad you're here. Welcome. And if you ever want to discuss any of the episodes or give any feedback you can join us in the Acquired community at acquired.fm/slack. 

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