Treasury and Payments


Our view on what everyone should keep top-of-mind as organizations navigate success in 2023 and beyond.

The payments landscape

Growth and optimization
Cost and efficiency
Survival, sustainability and success
Resiliency and quick pivots
Fortified and focused
Protecting the core

2023 Insights

See below for our five biggest takeaways in 2023

Protecting the core
Businesses must optimize core treasury management functions. They cannot afford to leave any money on the table amid economic uncertainty and rising interest rates.
Treasury as an influencer
The treasurer’s role continues to expand with increased payments expertise, treasury modernization, digitization and data access. They must use this knowledge to advocate for necessary improvements if organizations want to offer new payments innovations.
Innovation through ecosystems
Organizations must prepare for massive opportunities to attract new business through creating ecosystems and expanding them across industries. Businesses will be most effective if they use financial services to elevate their ecosystems.
ESG: From promise to impact
Organizations must make good on their commitments to ESG. They can do this with payments through integrating sustainability within supply chains, capital allocation and payments strategy.
Certain uncertainty
The current economic environment creates uncertainty that can spur opportunities for innovation. Businesses can use analytics and insights to identify the biggest improvements and opportunities.

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