Single-Use Accounts

Protect and automate your supplier payments with a virtual payment solution

Ideal For

Organizations that want all the benefits of a card, with enhanced controls, data capture and integration.

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Drive Savings

Single-Use AccountsSM can drive efficiencies and provide savings back to your organization in the form of a rebate. They're an ideal replacement for check payments and higher dollar spend, and useful in situations where ACH payments and negotiated discounts can't be maintained.

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Strengthen Supplier Relationships

Deliver payments to suppliers days earlier than with check or ACH—and improve your cash flow at the same time. Single-Use AccountsSM allow you to maximize float and extend days payable outstanding, and also help your suppliers streamline their processes by generating electronic remittance data.

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Enhance Controls

Achieve greater spending control by setting unique parameters for each purchase, including limits for amount, payment date range and merchant type.

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Simplify Reconciliation

Easily match payment data to pre-purchase information using a specific reference and account number for each transaction.


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