Affordable Housing

Promoting inclusive neighborhoods.


affordable housing rental units created and preserved1


in philanthropic capital to revitalize neighborhoods2

“To solve the affordable housing crisis, all industry players—from the private and public sectors to for-profit and nonprofit entities—need to come together to create sustainable solutions. Our firm is dedicated to doing our part by providing loans and investments for affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization projects in order to help diverse communities in need not only catch up, but thrive.”

- Alice Carr, Head of Community Development Banking

Our Community Development Banking business is proud to support vibrant and diverse neighborhoods like yours by providing loans, investments and services for low- and moderate-income families and communities across the US.



What We Do

Our team is dedicated to supporting affordable housing and revitalization projects. We work with key community and government entities to help create thriving and inclusive neighborhoods. Through industry expertise, a comprehensive set of financial solutions, and a focus on bringing together our business and philanthropic efforts, we support affordable housing from initial planning to property development.


Who We Serve

National, regional and local real estate developers building or preserving affordable housing in low- and moderate-income communities.




Housing Is the Foundation of Strong Communities

At Chase, we believe housing that individuals and families can afford, with access to economic opportunity and basic services, is the cornerstone of vibrant and resilient neighborhoods. When housing is safe, affordable and accessible, neighborhoods thrive as their residents enjoy better health, education, earnings and other measures of wellbeing. Knowing what’s at stake, we take pride in the work we’ve done—and continue to do—to bring these issues to the forefront as we try to contribute to a long-term solution.


Our Firmwide Approach to Promoting Inclusive Neighborhoods:

A Full-Service Treasury Solution

Working hand in hand with you and your team, our Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Banking Treasury Services team takes a consultative approach to deliver solutions and assist your organization to maximize today’s opportunities. Our breadth of expertise spans many real estate types, the systems you use to manage your properties, and cash management, so you have the support of our entire team to help you achieve your long-term goals. Learn more.


Gain Access to the Full Depth of the Bank

  • Acquisition financing
  • Construction financing
  • Direct bond purchase
  • Fannie Mae ™ Multifamily Affordable Housing lending
  • Letters of credit to support bond financing
  • Permanent financing



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1January 2010 - May 2020
2Through our Consumer & Community Banking business between 2016 and 2018

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