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PGP Support for J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host

Digital Signature, Encryption and Decryption Upgrade

Host-to-Host is changing the application used for file level encryption, decryption and digital signatures and will no longer support legacy ciphers as of September 2021.  If you receive encrypted or signed files from Host-to-Host and your system does not support the list of settings below, you will experience an interruption in service.  Please test your ability to support these setting using the J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host Client Acceptance Testing (CAT) environment which is already configured with the target state settings. 

For files that you send to J.P. Morgan, it is expected that no changes will be required.

For files that you receive from J.P. Morgan you must be able to support SHA256 for digital signatures and AES256 for encryption/decryption.

If you require testing please refer to the Self-Testing procedure on the CAT page.  The new cipher requirements for digital signatures, encryption and decryption are already active in our Client Acceptance Testing environment.  As long as you are able to validate the signature and/or decrypt the file you receive back, you are able to support the required ciphers.  Upon a successful test, please ensure that your production environment settings match those of your test environment.

If you are not able to support these settings, you must contact the J.P. Morgan Solutions center prior to August 1, 2021.

J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host PGP Key

We routinely update our PGP keys for server-based file transmissions on J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host. To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, clients must make sure that they are using the current key when they send encrypted files or receive digitally signed files.

Sending Encrypted Files

  • If you are still sending encrypted files to J.P. Morgan using the old key, you must begin using the new key immediately.
  • J.P. Morgan requires that transmission connections be encrypted and files you send be digitally signed with your PGP key. The additional file-level encryption with the J.P. Morgan PGP key is not required, and may be removed to eliminate the impact of future J.P. Morgan PGP key renewals.


PGP Key Download Instructions

Please download and rename the J.P. Morgan public key and then install it on your keyring. Once this is done, you may address encryption and signature as above by configuring your system appropriately and coordinating activities as necessary.



Contact the Solution Center Transmissions Support team at 978-805-1200, or by emailing CAS.helpdesk@jpmchase.com, with any questions about the J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host platform. Representatives are available to assist you, 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Government, municipal and public sector clients should call 844-718-0643. Please note that the support team cannot advise clients on specific actions needed to make required changes to their systems. Clients should contact their application vendors for assistance.

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