Managed Omnichannel Solutions

Increase your speed to market and simplify your business processes.

How it works

We work with industry-leading integrators to create a pre-certified solution tailored to your business' needs. You get a consolidated, managed offering without having to do the heavy lifting.

  • Core processing

    Focus more on your business and let J.P. Morgan optimize your payments

  • Managed services

    Access customized pre-certified third-party hardware and middleware designed for you

  • Security

    Reduce PCI scope with a fully compliant P2PE solution

  • Enterprise level support

    Receive enterprise level support designed for the challenges of multi-vertical industries

| 2:01

Simplify and enhance your payment experience

| 2:01

Simplify and enhance your payment experience


[Narrator] Consumer expectations are rapidly changing in-store and online. Keeping up is difficult for businesses, especially when they have to manage multiple vendors, manual integrations, and certification processes, while ensuring they stay protected from fraud. That's why J.P. Morgan offers Managed Omnichannel Solutions. So you can focus on running and growing your business, while J.P. Morgan takes care of your payments.


[Laura Miller] In a world where the pace of change is accelerating, success relies on meeting the evolving needs of your employees, customers, partners, and communities. At J.P. Morgan, we have a one-stop solution that enables you to consolidate your payment acceptance means. And that, most importantly, enables you to do what you do best-- focus on your business and your customers.

[Narrator] Whether your business is brick and mortar, online, or mobile, our solutions portfolio covers you with a variety of managed services and innovations. We work with best-in-class integrators to tailor a semi-integrated solution that fits your business needs. This helps you reduce the complexity of working with multiple vendors, streamline implementation, and consolidate billing. For your customers, it helps speed up checkouts, allows them to use their preferred payment method, and provides the trusted security of a fully PCI-compliant solution.

[Laura Miller] By choosing this solution, our customers are assured of utilizing in-house and third-party payment capabilities that have gone through extensive due diligence. We've done the heavy lifting.

[Narrator] No matter where your business takes you, J.P. Morgan is there to help simplify and enhance your payments experience. For more information about Managed Omnichannel Solutions, call your J.P. Morgan representative or visit


  • Increase your speed to market

    Save your developers time and valuable resources by not having to perform complex integrations.

  • Offer flexible payment options for your customers

    Customize your of point-of-sale needs to better serve your customers regardless of business type, scale or style of operation.

  • Simplify your business process

    Focus on growing your business, not managing multiple contracts, vendors and processes.

As a leading provider of innovative merchant services, JP Morgan is dedicated to helping merchants grow revenue and reduce costs, while improving consumers’ payment experiences. We believe that privacy preserving, biometric-based payments will transform the way merchants do business—without compromising trust.


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