US: Cash Concentration Service Enhancements


Enhancement to Cash Concentration Sweep

Sweep Narrative Changes

Uniform sweep narratives will be implemented within J.P. Morgan in phases for all non-U.S. branch participant locations in APAC, EMEA, LATAM and NA, and for all intraday cross border sweeps with US branch participant locations. These changes will take effect on both the sweep sub-account and master accounts for your existing and any incremental sweeps.

The benefits of this enhancement include the standardization of the Cash Concentration Sweep narratives. This will ease configuration for auto-reconciliation and integration with ERP/TMS systems.

Information Reporting

Descriptive text for your branch sweep accounts will be updated on the following information reporting services:

  • J.P. Morgan Access®
  • J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host
  • SWIFT Reporting

Post enhancement there will be slight narrative changes on both the Sub and Master accounts. All sweep transactions will continue to report a SWIFT code of CMZ and BAI code of 275/575.

The Cash Concentration Sweep Reporting Narrative Changes are similar to the narratives you will see post enhancement.

Samples reflect transactions that occur in the Sub account.

Minor changes in descriptive text formatting for sweep transactions may affect clients that parse data using formatted text reports or data files. If you currently parse data from formatted text reports or data files for use with a treasury workstation or other internal application, some modifications may be required to accommodate modified formatting in descriptive text for Sweep transactions.

The samples provided are in PDF format, and therefore cannot be used as a data file.

"Live" transactions may differ slightly from the samples provided.

Sweep Timings

There will be no change to sweep timing.

Billing Codes

There will be no change to existing billing codes for your sweeps.

Back Valued Sweep Transactions

There will be no impact to back value processing and we will continue to support up to 13 months.