Cash Concentration Service Updates: US branches

Details for Two Changes

1. Consolidated new service codes on billing statements

Following the changes, you will see new service codes. AFP codes remain unchanged.

Current New
Service Code Description AFP Code Service Code Description AFP Code
Intraday Cash Cntrn Maint



Master- 010020











In-country Sweep Master




Master- 010020


Sub - 010021

1513 Cash Cntrn Transfer Maint
7856 Cash Cntrn Maint Master





In-country Sweep Participant

7857 Cash Cntrn Maint Sub
1514 Intercompany Reporting 5743 Intercompany Reporting
1515 Cross Border Sweep Sub-010021 5744 Cross Border Sweep Sub-010021
1510 Cash Cntrn Return Of Fnds Svcs N/A Discontinued N/A
1511 Cash Cntrn Backvalue Svcs N/A Discontinued N/A

2. Standardized back valuation BAI/SWIFT transaction codes
You will now see industry standard back value sweep transaction codes, instead of the generic codes currently used. The back valuation posting will be a single, consolidated adjustment per value date.

Here are the new transaction codes that will appear on BAI reporting and SWIFT MT940:

  Transaction Code
Transaction Type
New Current New
Back value sweep adjustment 372 275 NVDA FCMS
Back value sweep adjustment reversal 672 NMSC

Please note that all back value sweeps processed with a value date prior to the transition date will be based on the sweep configuration in place at the time of transition.

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